6 Best Craft Breweries in Washington State

6 Best Craft Breweries in Washington State

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Washington is well known throughout the U.S. for its large amount of craft breweries per capita.  And they produce an amazing variety – so make sure to check out 6 of our favorites the next time you make the trip out.

Elysian Brewing Company

In 1995, Elysian Brewing was founded by Dick Cantwell, Joe Bisacca and David Buhler in Seattle. This popular craft brewery has four restaurants in Seattle and a full production brewery. Since opening on Capitol Hill, Elysian has brewed over 350 craft beers.

Fremont Brewing Company

Founded in 2009, Fremont Brewing is a family owned craft brewery located in Seattle. It is known for its excellent small-batch artisan beers made from the freshest local ingredients. The brewery has received numerous awards and recognition including “Best Local Brewery” by Seattle Magazine in 2015 and “Best Brewer in Washington” by Rate Beer in 2014.

Black Raven Brewing Co.

Located in Redmond, Black Raven Brewing opened in 2009. Known for its award winning beers, it currently brews 8,000 barrels per year in its 15 barrel brewhouse. Some of its World Beer Cup awardees include Coco Jones Coconut Porter, La Mort Bourbon and Great Grandfather Raven Bourbon Imperial Stout.

The Pike Brewing Company

Since 1989, the Pike Brewing has been offering high quality brews in the historic Pike Place Public Market neighborhood. This family owned brewery was founded by Charles and Rose Ann Finkel. Aside from its award winning beers and excellent pub fare, it is also known for housing the Microbrewery Museum.

Georgetown Brewing Company

Georgetown Brewing was founded by Manny Chao and Roger Bialous in 2002. Located in the neigborhood of Georgetown, it is a draft beer only production brewery. Aside from the popular Manny’s Pale Ale, it also offers other year round and seasonal brews.

Walking Man Brewing

One of the 10 Breweries in the Gorge (BIG), Walking Man Brewing has been open since 2000. This award winning craft brewery makes about 1,200 barrels per year and is available in Washington and Oregon. Beer fans are welcomed at their brewpub which offers 9 rotating taps of their excellent brews.