6 Best Burger Places in Washington State


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Hungry for a burger and not sure where to go? Well if you’re in Washington driving around looking for that perfect spot, no need to worry. We’ve found the best 6 burger places in Washington State for that moment when you have a craving.

John Howie Steak

The 60/40 Burger might just be the best thing you can get for lunch in Bellevue. John Howie prides itself in the providing the highest quality meat, and the burger, done “Juicy Lucy” style with the cheese stuffed inside, is no exception. Not the kind of place you come to rush, sit back for a leisurely midday meal and relax before heading back to the real world.

Dick’s Drive-In

Dick’s is no stranger to acclaim, receiving awards from publications all across the country. It was even featured in Macklemore’s “White Walls” music video. But you don’t have to care about reviews, or rap music, to enjoy their old-fashioned burgers, fries, and shakes. For over 60 years Dick’s has served up simple burgers, and with their loyal hometown following, they’ll probably be around for 60 more.

Frisko Freeze

You can drive through or walk up to the window to get a classic burger from this retro-cool stand in Tacoma. The burgers are big and messy, so you’ll want to park to eat if you chose to drive through, otherwise you’ll end up with cheese on your shirt and ketchup on the dash. Also known for what are probably the best onion rings in the area and thick, creamy milkshakes, it’s a must-try anytime you’re in the area.

Nick’s Jr. Burgers

It’s almost overwhelming the amount of burgers on the menu at Nick’s, but it makes sense considering they call themselves “Burger Country.” Everything from fried egg to peanut can be found atop of these quarter pound, handmade patties. And everything is good, so you can pretty much just close your eyes and point and end up with something you’ll love.

Pick-Quick Drive In

The original Pick-Quick opened in 1949, and while the restaurant has changed hands a few times, the juicy burgers, legendary fries, hot dogs and ice cream have all stayed the same. A second location opened in 2011, as the 50’s-style diner continues to grow in popularity, making this classic meal even more accessible to the crowds hungry for a good, greasy meal.

Boomer’s Drive-In

There seems to be no shortage of retro diners serving up to-die-for burgers and fries. But each place does it a little different, adding their own personal touches to make it a memorable meal. At Boomer’s, not only can you take advantage of burgers and shake specials that change monthly, you can enjoy the secret, special sauce that has helped them earn the title of “Best Burger in Bellingham” from Bellingham Weekly and others.

After you have crushed a burger or two, be sure to burn off some calories visiting some awesome places in Seattle, Spokane or Tacoma!