6 Best Craft Breweries in Washington DC

Washington DC

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You may not think of our nation’s capital as a beer drinking destination, but you might want to think again. Craft brewing is booming in DC and shows no sign of slowing down. Take a look at 6 of the best craft breweries you need to visit next time you’re in town.

Bluejacket Brewery

Situated in an old factory built in 1919, Bluejacket Brewery occupies 5,600 feet of brewing space over three levels. This craft brewery uses a mix of traditional methods with modern innovation in creating its excellent brews. It features 20 original ales and lagers available on tap daily at its restaurant and bar, the Arsenal.

Right Proper Brewing Company

Opened in 2013, Right Proper Brewing was started by Thor Cheston, John Snedden and Nathan Zeender. This award winning brewery has created over 85 recipes of great tasting beers. Almost two years after opening the Shaw Brewpub and Kitchen, they added another location in D.C., the Brookland Production House and Tasting Room.

DC Brau Brewing Company

Founded in 2009, DC Brau Brewing is the first brewery to operate in Washington, D.C. since 1956. This popular craft brewery was founded by Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock. It has received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals multiple times at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, Australian International Beer Awards and the Great American Beer Festival, to name a few.

3 Stars Brewing Company

3 Stars Brewing was founded by two longtime friends, Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey. Their mission is to make D.C. a “world class craft beer destination”. True enough, this craft brewery has earned beer fans and have received numerous awards and recognition including “DC’s Best Local Brewery” by the Washington City Paper.

Atlas Brew Works

Located in Ivy City in Northeast D.C., Atlas Brew Works was founded by Justin Cox and Will Durgin. It is the first and only solar powered craft brewery in Washington, D.C. The craft brewery is known for its flagship brews, District Common and Rowdy, as well as its seasonal selections.

Hellbender Brewing Company

Sharing their same passion for beer, Hellbender Brewing was founded by two homebrewers, Ben Evans and Patrick Mullane, in 2014. Named after the largest aquatic salamander in the country, this craft brewery is known for their European and American style brews. Their popular beers include Southern Torrent Saison, Red Line Ale and Bare Bones Kölsch.