7 Best Burger Places in Washington DC

Washington DC

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Our nation’s capitol is known for a lot of things, but you wouldn’t expect it would be for good burgers. However, we’ve found some of the best burger places in Washington DC that will blow your mind and your taste buds. If you’re in town and have that craving, make sure you stop at one of these:

Good Stuff Eatery

This chain got its start in Capitol Hill, and while it has found a following now all across the country, it’s still as good as it ever was. Personal touches from the staff, like Spike’s Village Fries and Uncle D’s Chili, make it a personal experience. You can order burgers inspired by, and named for, the president and the first lady (who frequents the establishment often) as well.

Ollie’s Trolley

Tourists flock to this DC eatery, and with good reason. The seasoned burgers are some of the tastiest in the city, and the space, filled with antique toys and other remnants of yesteryear, add just the right amount of kitsch. Located just blocks from the White House, it’s a great place to stop when visiting the nation’s captiol.

BGR: The Burger Joint

While the fate of our nation is being decided nearby, you can relax knowing you only have to decide what you want on one of the tastiest burgers around. Completely customizable, it’s a burger experience that will remind that decisions are not always easy to make. A plethora of ingredients, from grilled jalapeno, to avocado, to fried onion, will have you stuck in deliberation. What will it be?

Bourbon Steak

A stylish restaurant where you can often see dignitaries and diplomats in town on important business, Bourbon Steak’s burgers will appeal to all tastes. Available for lunch, make sure to inquire about the Burger of the Month, a delicious burger that is always topped with inspired ingredients, or just jump right in and get the Oak-Fired Prime Steak Burger, topped with cheddar, pickle, and a healthy dollop of their secret sauce.

Burger Tap & Shake Foggy Bottom

Well known as a must-try when in the DC area, the counter-service style restaurant wants to keep things simple and tasty. You can get full-service if you sit at the bar, but finding a spot to relax and wait for your burger is a great way to people watch. Ask about the Burger Club if you plan on coming back for more.

Le Diplomate

It doesn’t seem like a French cafe should be able to do an American cheeseburger as well as the diners that populate the city. But they do. The Burger Americain isn’t on the menu just to appease those unfamiliar with French cooking, it’s a version that manages to do something new while still staying true the classic. It’s a great option no matter if you’re coming for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Four locations around the city make it easy to enjoy a burger from local-favorite Ben’s Chili Bowl. As the name implies, you shouldn’t leave without trying the chili. When putting it on top of a burger with the Beef Chili Burger, or the Chili Burger Sub, it will be hard to ever again enjoy a burger any other way.