The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Houston, TX


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For those of you looking to embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes, we have created an epic list of the best Escape Rooms in the Houston, Texas area. Escape rooms can also be referred to as puzzle rooms or exit games and are some of the top team-building experiences for a group of people. Problem solving and teamwork are the main skills needed to solve the riddles and get out in time! If you are nervous, don’t worry! Most places don’t really lock you in!

Escape Now

The first escape room in the Cypress/North Houston Area, Escape Now is an interactive, real life group gaming for people of all ages and skill sets. Two to ten players are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape using their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Players can choose to to navigate Lord Byron’s “The Sherlock Room” or find the golden ticket for “The Chocolate Factory”.

Houston Panic Room

One of the best escape games in Houston, the Texas Panic Room aims to offer exciting and unique experience to its visitors. Every 10 to 12 months, they change rooms to ensure that players will come back and experience something different each time. Currently there are four rooms available: Zombie Apocalypse, Abandoned School, Cabin Fever and Prison Break.

Escape The Room Texas

Located in midtown Houston, Escape the Room may look like any other ordinary room but it actually is a real life adventure game whether with a group of friends, families, co-workers or even complete strangers. Players must find hidden objects, figure out clues and solve puzzles to earn their freedom and ultimately “Escape the Room”. Whether trapped in “The Apartment”, “The Rec Room” or “Mission Control” participants are guaranteed 100% fun.

Crazy Cat Escape Room

Opened on February 12, Crazy Cat Escape Room is one of the newest and most fun thing to do in Houston. This interactive adventure game allows friends, family members or co-workers to play a “real life” video game together. Whether playing The Scene of the Crime, The Western Saloon Robbery, or The Deadly Dining Room, everyone will surely have a fun experience and share lasting memories together.

The Escape Hunt Experience Houston

The Escape Hunt Experience is the global leader in live escape game since opening in Thailand in 2013. Its Houston franchise is the largest escape room in the city and second largest in Texas. Players are guaranteed to be transported to another era with its intricately designed games whether becoming a Texas Ranger tracking the prized Lone Star or a famous London detective investigating the murder in Marylebone

Cipher Escape Rooms

Found in the heart of Montrose, Cipher Escape Rooms is one of Houston’s newest fully immersive Escape Room Adventure. Part scavenger hunt and part puzzle game, a team of up to 12 people must work together in order to find clues and solve puzzles that will lead them to escape. Cipher offers three fun filled rotating rooms like “Captive”, “The Heist” and “Black Gold”.

Bamboozled Escape Room

Bamboozled promises its visitors to be transported into a new world with its uniquely designed themed rooms. With only 60 minutes to escape, players must work together to find items, solve puzzles and riddles to escape the room or be Bamboozled. It features exciting rooms such as the Obsidian Sword’s Chamber of Horror, Bamboozled Room and Escape from Alcatraz.

Escape Artist Texas

The only Escape Room North of the Loop, Escape Artist Texas offers exciting and challenging adventures of solving puzzles, cracking codes and unraveling mysteries. Many have attempted but only 30% have escaped its rooms. Players can choose from three unique games: escape Dexter the creepy murderer, diffuse the bomb at Kingswood and break from jail.

Houston Escape Room

Featured on the local KHOU 11 News, Houston Escape Room is suitable for all ages and appeals to all kinds of groups from corporate to family to friends. It’s best for companies that wish to improve their team building skills, for friends who want to create memorable experiences and even for children who want to discover clues and solve puzzles. Teams can choose from a variety of episodes or rooms like: Mo’s Safehouse, Grandma Codebreaker, The Scarlet Scam and The Dark Side of the Moon.

The Riddle Room

The Riddle Room is an interactive mystery and adventure game located only minutes from Downtown, Galleria, Memorial City Center and the Energy Corridor. Players must work together and attempt to solve their way out of one of the challenging puzzle rooms within 60 minutes. Successful teams will be magnified on The Riddle Room Wall of Winners and may be invited to exclusive challenges and special events.