The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Dallas, TX


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For all of you problem solvers out there, we have created a fantastic list of the top Escape Rooms in the Dallas area. Escape rooms, also referred to as puzzle rooms or exit games, are one of the best team building experiences for a group of people. Teamwork and problem solving are the core skills needed to crack the code and get out in time! If you are nervous, don’t worry! Most places don’t really lock you in!

Room Escape Wizards

Like characters in a story, players must work together to solve intriguing puzzles, escape from uncertain situations, and unravel the plot before time runs out. Room Escape is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts, co-workers who want to build leadership and communication skills, or friends and family members who just want spend an hour of fun and create lasting memories. The rooms are updated periodically so visitors can expect something new and exciting each time.

Escape Expert LLC

Founded in 2014, Escape Expert is the largest escape room in America. Measuring over 10,500 square feet, it has 9 escape rooms with 7 themes and many corporate facilities for team building and tons of fun. Featured on national TV on “This Morning Show” on CBS in 2015, some of its rooms include Attic Society, Secret Vault, Chase Case, The Chamber, Project X and Dead End.

Room Escape Adventures

A live interactive game, Room Escape Adventures allow people to get a taste of what it’s like to be on TV shows such as Fear Factor, Minute To Win It, Survivor and The Amazing Race. Participants are trapped in a room with a hungry zombie chained to the wall and must work together to escape. To add to the pressure, every 5 minutes a buzzer sounds and the chain is released another foot from the wall.

Escape the Room Dallas

A fun, interactive entertainment concept located in Dallas, Escape the Room may look like any other ordinary room but it’s actually a real life adventure game designed for friends, families, co-workers or even complete strangers. Players must find hidden objects, figure out clues and solve the puzzles to earn their freedom and Escape the Room within 60 minutes. Themed rooms include: The Dig, The Agency, The Apartment and Western Bank Heist.

Superhero Escape

Dressed up with a cape and a mask, Superhero Escape allows participants to get the chance to relive their childhood days of playing as their favorite superhero. After learning how the villains stole their superpowers, players must join forces in solving puzzles, finding clues, unlocking their superhero powers and “escaping” the room. Everyone will surely have an awesome time channeling their inner superhero.

Red Door Escape Room

Located just 5 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Southlake, Texas, Red Door Escape Room is the brainchild of Dan Huynh. After playing his first escape game in October 2014, Dan was inspired to start his own escape game, “Confinement”, in a century old church. After the first game was born, more exciting games followed like “Entrapment”, “Prison Break” and “Once Upon a Time”.

Dallas Panic Room

One of the finest escape rooms in the city, Dallas Panic Room offers a unique opportunity for friends, families and co-workers to build relationships through fun and exciting challenges. Rooms change every 10-12 months so players can experience something new every visit. Current rooms include Museum Heist, Abandoned School Room and Zombie Apocalypse.

Escape This

Escape This is the number one rated escape room experience in DFW. Players must team up to solve the puzzles, take on the challenges and escape the room before time runs out. Whether finding a secret ingredient hidden by the world’s greatest chef, escaping a secret society initiation ritual, stopping a deadly, unknown virus outbreak, tracking a white-collar criminal embezzling corporate funds, participants are guaranteed to have their limits and wits tested while having tons of fun.

Escape Rooms HQ

Just 20 minutes north of Dallas, Escape Rooms HQ offers fun, challenging, immersive, interactive gaming experience for families, friends or co-workers. With nearly 10 years experience in the haunt industry, it has over 50 of the most innovative props used in the business ranging from laser musical instruments to magical mirrors. Players must use their senses, work in teams and solve the puzzles to escape disaster in under 60 minutes.

A Room With A Clue

Right in the heart of Deep Ellum, A Room With A Clue hosts the one of the best escape rooms in Dallas. Like the main characters in a story, players must rally together, hunt down clues, solve puzzles, and escape a room before time runs out. Players can choose from fun-filled rooms such as “The Theater”, “The Doll House”, “The Ship” and coming soon “The Tree House”.