7 Best Places to Live in Tennessee


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You’ll find more than just excellent music in Tennessee. The cities on this list rank low in crime and high in education, while offering plenty of amenities to keep residents interested and occupied. What else did we look at? Well unemployment was key, as well as income and home values, to make sure when you find a home you won’t want to leave. Weather also played a role, as in a beautiful state, home to the Great Smoky Mountains for example, every city can look pretty inviting. Here are the seven cities we found to the best in the state.

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#1 Brentwood

Brentwood, Tennessee
This popular suburb took the top spot for a number of reasons. First, the incredibly low crime rates. Second, there are great shops and restaurants. Third, the school system is one of the best in state, with a 97% graduation rate. Fourth, density and median income are both high… We could go on and on. Added bonus: you’re just outside of Nashville, so whenever you want to leave the quiet streets and have a wild night in the city, you’re only a stone’s throw away.

#2 Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain, Tennessee
It’s a tiny city, sure, with under 8,000 residents. But Signal Mountain has a lot to offer. Some of the lowest crime rates and unemployment rates in the country, as well as superb school system with high graduation rates, can be found here. Rent might also be high, but it certainly seems like you get what you pay for, especially as you’re taking in the views of surrounding natural beauty and enjoying the weather.

#3 Germantown

Germantown, Tennessee
The school system in Germantown is best in the state, with 98% of students getting their diplomas. But that is only one of the reasons to call this city located just east of Memphis home. High median income also came in much higher than state average, and home values show no signs of dipping. But the icing on the cake are the local events and festivals that take place all year round, creating a friendly community that is never bored.

#4 Bartlett

Bartlett, Tennessee
Bartlett’s biggest draw is its landscape of cultural and historical institutions that make for a diverse landscape. Whether you’re looking into the performing arts (Performing Arts and Conference Center), the past (Davies Manor Plantation), or want to take advantage of one of the state’s largest and most comprehensive fitness centers, it’s all here. And did we mention the cost of living is much lower than the other cities on this list? Oh yeah, that too.

#5 Franklin

Franklin, Tennessee
There is certainly a lot to do in Franklin. As one of the more important cities in Nashville’s metro area, it offers all the amenities of a larger city while still maintaining peaceful streets, good schools, and a high median income for households. Finding that balance between big city and small town is tough, but it seems like Franklin gets it right.

#6 Nolensville

Nolensville, Tennessee
While even smaller than Signal Mountain, Nolensville is growing fast. People can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful landscape, the crime rates, and beautiful (though expensive) homes. It’s clear that Nolensville won’t stay small for long with all of the development taking place within city limits, and there isn’t a better time to move there than now.

#7 Corrieville

All of the usual factors led to Collierville finishing up our list of top cities. The schools are great, the median income is incredibly high, and you’ll never feel unsafe walking down the street. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story, and the city’s unique personality, cultivated through historic homes, tight-knit communities, and fantastic shopping options and other amenities, make it a true winner.