Best Escape Rooms in Memphis


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There’s a new trend that’s been going around the United States and its called escape rooms. Every day people are completing new escape rooms and having great amounts of fun while doing it! Escape rooms are appearing everywhere including Memphis, Tennessee! We’ve gathered some of the best escape rooms in the city. Check them out and have fun!

Memphis Escape Rooms

One of the most popular and highly rated escape rooms in the city, Memphis Escape Rooms is an exciting, live-action entertainment experience where players are locked in a room full of clues and have an hour to escape. A team of up to seven people must work together to solve the challenges in the room. It offers seven exciting rooms: Atlas 8, Shadow Manor, The Mayflower, Memphis, Parallax, What’s in the Box and Mayflower II.

I Escaped Memphis

A real life escape room, I Escaped Memphis is a completely immersive experience game where players are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. It is the perfect venue for game enthusiasts and gamers, families and friends, co-workers and team mates, as well as tourists. Whether playing “Museum Heist”, “The Last Case of Sherlock Holmes” or “Memphis Music Producer”, everyone is guaranteed to have an hour of fun and excitement.


The premier live escape game experience, Escapology adds Memphis in its growing list of locations. Still putting on the finishing touches, Escapology Memphis is located in Bartlett, Tennessee and will be opening its doors to visitors soon. Its first game will be Cuban Crisis, a themed room set in Havana, Cuba where players must infiltrate Fidel Castro’s palace, locate the secret KGB office and find out who was responsible for shooting down an American spy plane.

Broad Escape Rooms

Broad Escape Rooms offers two types of gaming experience. In addition to its five themed escape rooms, it features a new type of game, a murder mystery dinner called the “Grapes of Frath”. A game designed for eight people, participants are prepared a nice dinner from a local Memphis restaurant after which they must try to figure out who amongst them is the murderer.

Breakout Memphis

Just like its other locations in the country, Breakout’s mission is to challenge the minds of all ages and strengthen relationships through teamwork. Players have only one goal: escape the room in less than an hour by working as a team in solving puzzles, cracking codes and finding hidden items. Breakout Memphis offers four exciting themed rooms: The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino, Hostage, and a fifth room coming soon, Island Escape.

Bluff City Escape Rooms

Founded in 2015, Red Dirt Hill Entertainment was started by the brother and sister team of Jeannie Cockrell and Michael Hart. Their goal is to provide an innovative form of entertainment that is fun for the whole family. Less than 20 minutes from Memphis, Bluff City Escape Rooms is located in Bartlett and offers four challenging themed rooms: Theater, Old Man Jones’s Shop, Bistro and Ship Dungeon.