7 Best Burger Places in Tennessee


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Sometimes you’re just craving a burger no matter where you are. And if you’re in the state of Tennessee, things are no different.  We’ve rated the top 7 burger places in Tennessee so you don’t have to drive around with your mouth drooling. Hop in the car and head to one of these now!

Burger Up

Nashville’s Burger Up wants to showcase everything the city and surrounding area have to offer. The meat and produce, and even the wood on the walls and the tables and chairs were sourced locally. The burgers are all the better for it, as the focus on community is also be reflected in the food. Chef-driven, creative burgers filled with all of those local goodies fill the menu; this is not your average patty-with-melted-cheese kind of place.

Rotier’s Restaurant

It feels like nothing has changed at Rotiers since the day it opened in 1945, and, more or less, nothing has. Thick burgers and even thicker milkshakes have kept locals coming back for more, and USA Today and Food Network have also been by to try out the famous cheeseburger. For a good, old fashioned burger in a good, old fashioned setting, this is the place.

Burger Republic

Winner of countless local awards for best burger, the Republic is known as one of the best places in Music City to get a bite. The menu is loaded with creative burgers like the Buy The Farm! which comes smoked gouda, red pepper relish, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and onion. But if nothing catches your fancy you can always build your own. They’re very diplomatic at Burger Republic.

Dyer’s Burgers

Using the same ageless cooking grease as when they first started making food in 1912, Dyer’s has become an internationally-famous institution on Memphis’ historic Beale Street. There’s no denying the unique flavor to their burgers, and the secret method has yet to be copied successfully. Also a great place to grab chicken wings and hot dogs, you won’t find another place quite like it.

Gabby’s Burgers & Fries

You can only get these incredible popular burgers during lunchtime, so you’ll often have to wait in line. But it’s worth it. Simple and inexpensive, the burgers emphasize the wholesome goodness of their quality beef. No fancy toppings or sauces to impede the flavor, and nothing more is needed when your patty, cheese, and bun are this good.

The Stock and Barrel

All-natural, grass-fed beef sourced locally makes up what might be the best burger menu in the area. They’re cooked medium to medium well, and maintain an almost unbelievable juiciness. Then there’s the bourbon list on the side of the menu that is so long it’s almost distracting, begging you to have a sip while you dine. Come for the burger, stay for the bourbon.

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden

The Pharmacy’s name implies healing properties within their burgers. There is certainly something therapeutic about grabbing an award-winning burger and kicking back in their expansive, German-style beer garden. Like many local restaurants, the ingredients that go into the burger are sourced locally, but the curative components of eating and drinking here are distinctly unique.