7 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania


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This beautiful state has a long and important history. But each of these cities has a story of it’s own, and unique reasons to call them home. Taking into account various factors that make a city a great place to put down roots, including education, median income, amenities, quality of life, and crime rates, we narrowed down a list of 7 spots that will make for a great place to live in the Keystone State.

#1 Mount Lebanon

Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania
It was tough to choose a number one city, but Mount Lebanon’s lively landscape of shops and restaurants, mixed with beautiful historic homes and streets, pushed it to the top. It’s not always just about the low crime rates, and high median household income, though Mount Lebanon scores incredibly high in those categories as well. Plus, the school system is excellent, with a graduation rate exceeding state average by 14 points. Maybe it wasn’t so tough to choose.

#2 King of prussia

King of prussia, Pennsylvania
You really can live like a king in this decadently-named city. Yes, it’s one of the state’s safest cities, so you won’t need royal guards, and the household income is high so you’ll be in good company, but the amenities are the real crowning jewel. Not only are there a myriad of great places to eat and drink for all tastes, but the nation’s largest mall (by size) is located here as well guaranteeing you’ll never want for anything.

#3 Bethel Park

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
Steeped in natural beauty, Bethel Park offers many reasons to call it home. The school system is one of the best in the state, and there isn’t much crime to speak of, which are already great reasons to raise a family here. The parks, however, are what make it extra special. You can’t go very far in Bethel Park without running into meticulously-maintained greenspace and great places for your kids to run around and play.

#4 Willow Grove

Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
It’s quiet, it’s safe, and, despite it’s small population, it offers plenty of amenities. Great restaurants and a fascinating history as “Music Capitol of America” make it a much more interesting place to live than other cities of its size. It’s also one of the most affluent cities on this list, with some of Philadelphia’s highest home values.

#5 West Chester

West Chester, Pennsylvania
We mentioned history in the introduction, and if you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in Pennsylvania’s past then West Chester is the city for you. The protected historic homes and buildings make it like stepping into a time capsule. Not only that but the value of those historic homes is high as well. On top of that, the city can also take pride in the highest graduation rate in the state as great reasons to end up there.

#6 Radnor Township

Radnor Township, Pennsylvania
When education is one of the main factors in choosing a city (as it is with many people) you really can’t do better than this. Home to Villanova University, Eastern College, and others, it’s a well-educated population. It’s probably not a coincidence that the median income is one of the highest in the state as well, coupled with high home values.

#7 Scott Township

Scott Township, Pennsylvania
There are a few things that keep the residents of Scott Township smiling. It might be the high graduation rates, or the low crime rates, but it’s certainly the fact that earned income tax is only 1%. That’s right, 1%. It’s unsurprisingly one of the lowest rates in the state, and coupled with a high median household income, helps Scott Township round out our list as a fantastic place to make your home.