10 Best Escape Rooms in Pittsburgh, PA


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If you’re looking for some of the best escape rooms in the Pittsburgh area, then you’ve come to the right place! Escape rooms, or puzzle rooms have become extremely popular and they’ve finally made their way to Pittsburgh. Here we have the best escape rooms in the area. Be sure to get ready and coordinate your escape plan!

Mystery Key Escape Room

Found in the heart of Squirrel Hill neighborhood, Mystery Key Escape Room is a must do when in Pittsburgh. It offers two exciting games: in the Ultimate Checkmate, players must find the money hidden in the room by a Master chess player while in Mission Impossible, players get to be an FBI Special Agent and must disarm a nuclear bomb to save the entire city. In both games, players have only 60 minutes to figure out the clues, decipher the puzzles and escape the room.

West Hills Escape Room

Just 20 minutes west of Pittsburgh, West Hills Escape Room is an interactive puzzle game designed for five to eight people. It is the ultimate bonding experience, perfect for company team buildings and any other special events or occasions. Its current offering is “The Deception” room, where players are locked in the basement and must work as a team to figure out a way to escape the room.

Escape Room Pittsburgh

Co-founded by Joe Deasy, the inspiration for Escape Room Pittsburgh came when he and his cousins visited the Hungarian version of the Escape Room while on a trip with his family in Budapest. The first interactive puzzle game in Pittsburgh, Escape Room’s mission is “to create educational experiences that foster creativity, team building, and human ingenuity.” It features two unique, real life adventure games: Dr. Stein’s Laboratory and Prison Escape.

Escape the Room Pittsburgh

Located in South Side, Pittsburgh, Escape the Room may seem to be an ordinary room but it is actually a real life, interactive adventure game. A team of up to 12 people must work together to find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles, all within 60 minutes to “Escape the Room”. Players can try one of four exciting rooms: The Apartment, News Room, The Agency and the newest addition, The Dig.

The Great Escape Room

Based on popular computer and mobile phone escape games, The Great Escape Room Pittsburgh is a real life room escape game where players must put their detective skills to the test. A cross between a scavenger hunt and a puzzle game, players are locked in a room where they have only 60 minutes to work together to look for clues and decode the puzzles to earn their freedom. Many have tried but only 20% of the groups have succeeded in making their great escape.

Daring Escapes

In Daring Escapes, players get to experience what it’s like to be on reality TV shows like Fear Factor, Minute To Win It, Survivor and The Amazing Race. It is the perfect venue for company and team building events or even families and friends who want to have their own private party. And if a player’s interested in becoming one of the zombies rather than becoming their meal, they can send their applications anytime since Daring Escapes is always looking for hungry zombies.


Like the main characters in a movie or computer game, Questburgh allows players to be transported to another world. The goal is really simple: a team of two to six individuals are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to find a way to escape in 60 minutes. Whether acting as pirates in search of a long lost treasure or escaping the Mafia after being kidnapped, everyone is guaranteed to have an adventure that they will never soon forget.

The Enigma Project at Hundred Acres Manor

One of the top haunted attractions in the US, Hundred Acres Manor houses The Enigma Project, the first real life horror escape room game in Pittsburgh. It offers two horror themed escape rooms where a team of up to eight members are locked in one of the rooms and have 45 minutes to escape. In Meltdown, the team must shut down a core reactor before high radiation leaks into the city, while in Alchemy, they must uncover the secrets of a terrifying alchemist and escape his workshop in time.

Breakout Pittsburgh

The ideal team building activity, Breakout’s mission is “to challenge the minds of all ages and strengthen relationships through teamwork”. With its different scenarios, unique challenges and multiple themed settings, players can breakout with a real life adventure that is both fun and educational at the same time. It currently features two exciting escape rooms, The Kidnapping and Hostage, but more will be added soon.

Code Breakers

The most immersive escape gaming experience in the city, Code Breakers is more than an escape room. In “Return To Planet Earth”, players are in the depths of space and must learn to set an alien spacecraft on a course back to planet Earth. Located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Code Breakers is a locally owned business and was built from the ground up by two life long friends who hope to create other forms of amusement in the city and promote other local businesses.