5 Best Burger Places in Pennsylvania


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Craving a burger? Are you somewhere in Pennsylvania? No worries, Fundreds has your back with 5 of our top places to grab one in the state. Hungry yet?

Good Dog Bar

The blue-cheese burgers served here are famous all across Philadelphia. Almost as famous as the dog-themed decor in which they are served (hence the name). It’s a friendy and fun pub and, whether or not you’re a dog person (although who isn’t), it’s always great for a burger and something strong to drink.

Barclay Prime

It’s an upscale restaurant in a library setting, but you won’t get “shushed” when enjoying the food. Known mostly for steaks and the incredible raw seafood bar, they also make Wagyu beef sliders that more than earn their place on this list. It might be a more fussy way to enjoy a meal, perhaps, but it will always completely satisfy your innate craving for a good burger.

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby Flay is famous, sure. But he deserves it not just for his television persona, but for the awesome burgers that come from behind the counter at his popular restaurant chain. There is a noted lack of pretense from a place linked to one of the more famous American chefs, and the burgers reflect the all-American goodness that made them so popular in the first place. All the burgers come with option of potato chips on top, called “crunchified” and, despite the silly name, it’s a great addition.

DJ’s Taste of the ’50s

1950’s America is alive and well at this transparently-named diner. Burgers and fries, shakes, and all the Americana kitsch you can handle make this feel more like a time capsule than a restaurant, but the burgers are so good it doesn’t matter. In fact, you might just hop up and start dancing like Elvis after eating. Available for parties and private events as well, it manages to be nostalgic and fun while serving up awesome food.

Village Whiskey

Hitting that sweet spot between pub and upscale restaurant, Village Whiskey’s menu reflects that duality with equal aplomb. They offer a Burger of the Month that’s always something worth keeping an eye on, and their small selection of gourmet burgers offer interesting toppings, like foei gras and bourbon-glazed cipollini onions, as well.