7 Best Burger Places in Oregon


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Craving a burger? Are you somewhere in Oregon? No worries, Fundreds has your back with 7 of our top places to grab one in the state. Hungry yet?

Cheesy Stuffed Burgers

The incredibly transparent name is a testament to the fact that this place has nothing to hide. The burgers are juicy and delicious, stuffed with gooey cheese and topped with simple items like bacon, guacamloe, bbq sauce, and more cheese. It’s the classic American meal put on its head, but honestly so, and it’s no surprise that Business Insider named it the best burger in Oregon.

Foster Burger

Take advantage of the excellent happy hour, where PBRs are only $2 and well drinks are $3.50, and then satisfy your drunken munchies with one of the best burgers in the state. The menu of classic burgers never disappoints, but after a few beers burgers like the Kiwi, made with lamb, cheddar, pickled beet, egg, mayo, lettuce, pickles and onion, start to sound pretty good as well.

Helvetia Tavern

Baseball lovers will appreciate the countless baseball caps hanging from the ceiling, but burger lovers will be even more pleased by the menu of simple, delicious burgers. They’re known especially for the Jumbo Burger, a massive burger that practically dares you to finish it. Tucked away far from the beaten path, Helvetia’s dedication to great service, better burgers, and a house sauce that is truly addicting, make it more than worth the trek.

Jasper’s Cafe

Kangaroo? Sure, why not? Jasper’s is known for its inventive menu, so might as well try something new while you’re here. There are over 40 different types of burgers on the menu, each one hand pressed daily, so if you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Medford, or anywhere in Oregon for that matter, this is probably it. Be warned, however, the popular restaurant fills up fast and stays that way.

Tasty n Alder

Few restaurants support small farms as much as this popular eatery in downtown Portland. The menu is inspired by food from all across the globe, but most of the ingredients come from Oregon and the surrounding region. Scan the menu, resist the urge try one of the small plates or entrees, until don’t stop until you find the burger. Made with Cascade Natural beef and topped with chubut cheese. house bacon. and a hazelnut romesco, it’s a spectacular meal.

Mike’s Drive-In

Mike’s Drive-In has satsfied cravings for burgers and shakes for decades. You’ll find nothing more than awesome burgers in a no-frills atmosphere at any of their three locations, and when it comes to burgers that’s really all you need. They take a little longer to cook, because, as they say “You’re Worth It!” so if you want to get your food a little quicker, call ahead with your order and pick it up when it’s ready.

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers

Named the best place for burgers in Eugene more than once, Cornucpia is a friendly pub that serves pub food done right. The burgers all come with fries or tater tots on the side (go for the tater tots), or a host of other awesome sides if you want to pay a little extra. Delivery service is also available, for their food as well as wine and beer, so there’s no need to leave your house when looking for a great burger and beverage.