6 Best Burger Places in Ohio


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Craving a burger? Are you somewhere in Ohio? No worries, Fundreds has your back with 6 of our top places to grab one in the state. Hungry yet?

Swensons Drive-In

Recalling the glory days of drive-ins and neon burger joints, Swensons makes food that is just as good today as when they opened their first location in 1934. While the chain has swelled beyond Akron to cities all across Ohio, each space has a nostalgic charm that seems to add that little extra something to their delicious burgers.

The Thurman Café

Some of the biggest burgers in Ohio can be found at this rustic Colombus eatery. They’re all at least 3/4 pound, and come piled high with an an unbelievable amout of toppings. The fries, and loaded fries, are a tasty side if you can find a little extra room for them. Added bonus: You don’t even have to leave the house when you take advantage of their delivery service.

Kewpee Hamburgers

The second-oldest chain in the country, Kewpee’s remaining five locations are retro-cool marvels that still diligently serve tasty burgers, shakes, and pie. Three of the locations are in Lima, Ohio and the most popular one is right in the heart of downtown. Rumored to be the inspiration behind the national Wendy’s restaurant chain (which also serves square burgers), Kewpee is a true blast from the past.

Tank’s Bar and Grill

Casual and fun, Tank’s is open until 2 am everyday to satisfy your nighttime need for awesome burgers and fries. Also know for serving breakfast all day long, it’s the kind of place you come to relax with a beer and end up staying until close, forgetting completely about the time and pretty much everything else. But when you have burgers this good, who cares about what’s going on outside?

Terry’s Turf Club

Terry’s is hard to miss, and it’s eclectic design choices are only the beginning. Once you make it past the walls adorned with crazy neon signs and decorations of all eras and inspirations, you’ll sit down to a menu of BYO burger options that just might be even crazier. But they’re all delicious, so it’s hard to argue. And one thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored.

Zip’s Café

Having been around for almost 100 years (it opened in 1926), it’s no surprise that Zip’s knows how to make a good burger. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the aptly-named Zip’s Burger, just classic goodness on a bun, but if you’re looking for something a little extra give the Trainwreck, with shaved ham, grilled Mettwurst and three types of cheese, a try. Zip’s long history adds charm to the experience, and the future looks pretty bright as well.