10 Best Escape Rooms In Charlotte, North Carolina

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If you’re looking for great escape rooms than you’ve come to the right place. Charlotte is a very modern city known for it’s large commercial hub, but that’s not the only thing they’re known for. They also have a ton of great escape rooms! We’ve written an extensive list of the best escape rooms in the area. We hope you enjoy and hope you have lots of fun at your local room!

Black Out

Located in the Historic South End, Black Out is one of the top escape rooms in the city and has been chosen as one of the best by the readers of USA Today in 2016. It is the only escape room in the city that combines secret agent themes with live characters. Players can choose to play one from three thrilling rooms: South End Psycho, Cell Block 704 and Trade Street Epidemic.

Escape Kings

One of the premier live escape games in Charlotte, Escape Kings is a fun, immersive entertainment experience. A family-friendly establishment, it also offers multi-lingual escape rooms in English, Spanish and French to provide a truly unique experience. In addition to escape rooms, it also offers a large multi-player online video gaming facility wherein XBox One consoles are available to accommodate up to 16 players.

Exit Strategy

Opened in August 2014, Exit Strategy is one of the most popular escape room games in the Queen City. A team of up to eight to ten players must work together to find a way to escape and earn the right of being included in Exit Strategy’s wall of fame. At present, it offers six different rooms: Queen City Bank Heist, Cabin in the Woods, Murder Mystery, The Final Sacrifice, Lost in Space and Quest of Honor.


A real life adventure game, Codescape takes the whole escape room experience to a whole new level. Making the next generation of escape rooms, its crew has worked on several entertainment projects such as “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Orlando. It offers three unique escape rooms with Hollywood worthy sets, storylines, puzzles and challenges.

Escape Hour Charlotte

Founded in 2015, Escape Hour Charlotte is a thrilling real life escape experience. It offers three escape rooms, The Detective’s Office, The Dollhouse and Granny’s House, that can be played by anyone, whether a beginner who is new to escape room games or an expert who wants more challenges. Players can also bring any locks of their own and add them to Escape Hour’s growing “Good Lock Charms”.

Key Quest Escape Room Charlotte

Key Quest is a live action escape room presented by Laser Quest, a family entertainment venue since 1992. The mission is simple: a group of players are locked in a mysterious room and have 45 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and find the “key” to escape. Whether playing Vacation Vandals, The Cellar or Detention, players are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time.

Race City Escapes

Just half an hour drive from Charlotte, Race City is the first escape room experience in Lake Norman. After being locked in one of its two themed rooms, players must team up to find clues, solve puzzles and figure out how to escape the room before time runs out. Whether locked in a garage in “The Race Ruse” or immersed in a 1920s speak easy in “Harmonic Haze”, players are sure to have tons of fun.

Breakout Lake Norman

Located in Huntersville, NC, Breakout Lake Norman is a live interactive escape room experience. A real life adventure game, a group of up to ten people are placed in a themed room wherein they have to use their powers of observation and critical thinking to breakout of the room within the time limit. It offers three challenging rooms: Outlaws, Mysterious Temple, Jailbreak and three more coming soon: Nuclear Attack, Sherlock Holmes and The List.