6 Best Craft Breweries in North Carolina

North Carolina
6 Best Craft Breweries in North Carolina

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In need of a great IPA? Maybe a delicious brown ale? North Carolina has some great spots to taste some amazing craft beers. Here’s six of our favorites that we’d highly recommend:

Trophy Brewing Company

Trophy Brewing started as a three barrel brewhouse in 2013. To meet the growing demand for their excellent brews, this Raleigh based brewery opened a 20 barrel production facility two years after opening. Both locations serve their popular beers like the Best in Show, Milky Way and a lot more.

Wicked Weed Brewing

Located in Downtown Asheville, Wicked Weed Brewing began as a simple dream of two brothers, Walt and Luke Dickinson, in 2009. A few years later, this craft brewery is now known for their unique take on American ales and Belgian beers. Aside from the Brewpub and Funkatorium, they opened a 50 barrel Production Brewery in 2015.

Lonerider Brewing Company

Since opening in 2009, Lonerider has become one of the top 150 breweries in the country. This Raleigh based brewery has won numerous awards and recognitions at the Carolina Championship of Beers, Great American Beer Festival and the Craft Beer Rising London, to name a few. Its award winning brews include Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen, Sweet Josie Brown Ale, Peacemaker Pale Ale and Hoppy Ki Yay.

Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Found in the town of Boone, Appalachian Mountain Brewery is known for their award winning beers and ciders. Their mission can be summarized in three simple words: “Community, Sustainability and Philanthropy.” AMB offers three flagships available year round, Long Leaf IPA, Spoaty-Oaty Appalachian Pale Ale and Boone Creek Blonde as well as four seasonals available statewide and a diverse small batch series available throughout most of the state.

Raleigh Brewing Company

Named after the “City of Oaks”, Raleigh Brewing was formed in 2010. Everything about the brewery from the names of the beers to the murals in the taproom reflect their pride in the city of Raleigh, its history and culture. This popular brewery offers five core beers namely: Blatherskite Scottish Ale, House of Clay IPA, Hell Yes Ma’am Belgian Style Golden, Hidden Pipe Porter and Moravian Rhapsody Czech Pilsener, as well as four seasonal beers.

Foothills Brewing

Foothills Brewing opened in Winston-Salem in 2005. With just 800 barrels brewed that year, this popular brewery has continued to grow, producing 32,500 barrels in 2014. Their beers are now available in other states including South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and also in Washington DC.