The 7 Best Places To Live In New York

New York

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When people say “New York” it is often assumed they mean “New York City”. But there are plenty of other cities in the Empire State the deserve mention, and many that are ranked higher than the Big Apple in terms of unemployment, crime rates, education, and cost of living when deciding where to settle down. We looked at everything to find the best places to live, so get to know the rest of the state by taking a look at these top seven cities.

#1 Tarrytown


Like the fairy tale in which it has been featured, this small town in upstate New York seems almost magical. The sales taxes are low (which is a common feature on this list), and the crime rate is even lower. Washington Irving wasn’t the only one to see that Tarrytown is a special place when he included it in “Sleepy Hollow” as the median home price is impressively high here as well.

#2 White Plains

White Plains

White Plains scores better than the rest when it comes to amenities. As it is the commercial hub of Westchester, one of the most affluent suburban counties in the state home to almost a million people, that makes sense. Residents enjoy great restaurants, shopping, parks, and recreation centers, as wells festivals and events all year long. The city also has low unemployment rates, and the home values are, also unsurprisingly, very high.

#4 North Hempstead

North Hempstead

Just across the bridge from New York City, the residents of North Hempstead might enjoy some of the best views in the state as well as historic architecture and well-maintained streets. Long Island is not a bad place to end up, and with crime rates staying low and plenty of amenities to offer, North Hempstead might be exactly what you’re looking for.

#5 Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant

This city along the Hudson River really lives up to its name. It’s relatively affordable (compared to some of the places that rank high in the state), the crime rate is low, and the schools are solid. It also some of the of the most beautiful homes, and surrounding area, in the state making it overall, well, quite pleasant.

#6 Mount Kisco

Mont Kisco

Low taxes and unemployment keeps smiles on the faces of Mount Kisco residents. The school system also gives them reason to be happy, and while kids might not be excited to wake up in the morning, they will thank you later. It is a great place to raise kids, as it is also very safe, and your neighbors have some of the highest median incomes and home values in the state.

#7 New Rochelle

New Rochelle

Already the recipient of much praise from publications in New York and across the country, New Rochelle really is a great city to finish up our list. Known as one of the most walkable cities in New York, where great restaurants, shops, and the waterfront are all only steps away and the journey will be enjoyable and safe, it’s one of the best cities to relax and enjoy your surroundings.