Best Escape Rooms in Buffalo, New York

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New York, as large as it is, has absolutely everything! You know what that means? That means they have some absolutely great escape rooms in the area! If you haven’t done one yet, we highly recommend you go and check one out. It’s a great activity to do with your friends and family and we’re sure you’ll have a great time. Down below, we’ve chosen some of the best escape rooms in the area.

Queen City Escape

Opened in November 2015, Queen City Escape is a couple owned and operated, live-action escape room adventure located in Buffalo’s Historic First Ward. A team of up to eight players must use their powers of observation and critical thinking to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to find the “key” to escape. Players can choose from three unique adventures: 7 Wonders Heist, Gumshoe Mystery and Strange Escape.

The Great Escape Room Buffalo

Located just minutes from the Lake Erie Canalside, The Great Escape Room offers real life room escape games in uniquely themed puzzle rooms. Based on popular computer and mobile phone escape games, many have tried but only 20% of the groups are able to successfully complete the challenge and escape before the time is up. It features three Sherlock themed rooms: The Library (Sherlock’s Study), The Gameroom and The Infirmary.

Lock & Key Escape Room

Launched in October 2015, Lock and Key Escape Room is a live action puzzle game located in the heart of Buffalo’s Elmwood Village. Just minutes from the border of Niagara Falls, it offers two exciting rooms. In the first room “The Virus Outbreak”, players are trapped in a research facility and have an hour to find a serum and escape hordes of zombies. While in the second room “The House of Secrets”, players are trapped in the mansion of a renowned fortuneteller and must escape the spirits from beyond.

3600 Escape

Found in the heart of North Buffalo, 3600 Escape is Western New York’s premier real life escape room experience. Close to shopping, dining and nightlife, it is the perfect venue for friends or family who want to have a fun night out, or company team building event that is out of the ordinary. It currently offers the Conspirary Room wherein players must uncover a scandal of national proportions.

Perplexity Escape Room

A locally owned and operated escape and puzzle room attraction in Buffalo, NY, Perplexity offers a unique escape room experience created by a team skilled and experienced in set design, woodworking, filmography, photography and electronics. It offers three mind-bending rooms where players, referred to as “escape artists”, must work together to find a way to escape before the time is up. Whether playing Crazy Aunt Gertrude, The Museum Heist or Perplexity Lab #42, players are guaranteed to have a fun time.

Escape Room Buffalo

Since opening its doors in October 2015, Escape Room Buffalo has become a popular go-to for a night of fun in North Tonawanda. At present, it features three challenging games: “The Bank Robbery”, “The Time Machine” and “Prison Break”. Aside from its escape rooms, it also offers the Murder Mystery Night Series on Mondays wherein guests are encouraged to dress up, assigned characters and given clues to uncover who among them is the murderer.


A fully immersive, 4D escape room experience located in Buffalo, Trapped offers a wide range of themed rooms perfect for friends and family who want to create lasting memories, corporate team building and company events, gamers and adventure seekers who want to have a real life adventure, and other special events or occasions. At present, it offers five fun-filled game rooms: The Tomb, Room #9, The Wizard’s Keep, Double Agent and Mystery Tap Takeovers.

Escape Room Adventures WNY

One of the newest escape room experiences in Buffalo, Escape Room Adventures is a locally owned and run real life adventure game located on historic Webster Street in North Tonawanda. Its team is composed of a published author and a former Disney cast-member, an experienced theater set designer and builder, and experienced local theater actors. It offers up to four puzzle rooms that are constantly changing so that players can come back for a new adventure and fresh experience.

The Exit Rooms

Just less than a 20 minute drive from Buffalo, The Exit Rooms is a fun escape room experience located in Orchard Park, New York. It features two completely different, immersive escape room experiences for groups of four to eight people: The Locker Room and The Nursery. Players are also treated to a buy one, get one free drink voucher at O’Neill’s Pub and Grill next door which they can enjoy after the game.

Escape City Buffalo

The newest live action adventure experience in Buffalo, Escape City is created by the same team behind Frightworld, America’s Screampark. With its Hollywood quality sets, it allows players to experience what it’s like to step inside a movie. It offers four differently themed escape games: Body Collectors, Ghost Mansion, Over The Falls and The Hangover, Buffalo’s first adult escape game.