7 Best Burger Places in New York

New York

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Craving a burger? Are you somewhere in New York? No worries, Fundreds has your back with 7 of our top choices for a burger in the state.

Minetta Tavern

A long and storied past adds to the charm of this Greenwich Village tavern. Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound were known to frequent, along with various other iconic figures, from its opening in 1937 to today. But what matters most is the food, and the Minetta Burger, made simply with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese, is as good as the restaurant’s Michelin star suggests.

Burger Joint

This New York chain has found its way into international territory, with locations in Brasil, the U.A.E., South Korea, and Singapore. But they still make one of the city’s very best burgers. These are simple burgers, nothing more than the classic toppings to be found, and they don’t need anything more than that. Try a double cheeseburger, with a boozy shake on the side, to see what all the fuss is about.

Corner Bistro

A beloved local restaurant that serves their famous burgers until the early hours of the morning. There’s not much to say about Corner Bistro that hasn’t already been said. It’s been around for almost a century, maintaining the relaxed, bohemian atmosphere that originally made Greenwich Village a destination for artists, musicians, and other freethinkers. The neighborhood might have changed, but Corner Bistro has not.

The Spotted Pig

Yes, it’s a well-known restaurant where it’s tough to get a table and you just might spot a celebrity. But while that might suggest a level of pretense inaccessible to those in need of a great burger, that isn’t the case. The burger is simple and great, covered in Roquefort cheese with shoestring fries, and would be just as tasty if you were having it in the alleyway out back.

J. G. Melon

Friendly and convivial, this neighorhood pub has been around for decades serving fantastic burgers and fries. Accepting only cash for their quality eats in a cozy setting, it’s the kind of welcoming place that seems to be fading from street corners all across the country. Good food and company reign supreme here, and thankfully, they show no sign of slowing down.

The Little Owl

With a Mediterranean twist, the food at The Little Owl seeks to be both accessible and forward-thinking; comfortingly familiar and destination-worthy. And the bacon cheeseburger is exactly that as well: Covered in molten cheese, pickles, and long strips of crispy bacon, it’s the type of burger you find yourself craving no matter what neighborhood you’re in.

Peter Luger

An iconic steakhouse with a long, long history in Brooklyn, the chefs at Peter Luger have never waivered from their commitment to serving high-quality meats. The burger is served only until 3:45 in the afternoon (or 4:00 if you’re at the Great Neck location), and it’s worth taking a long lunch to sit back and enjoy. Even with all the new restaurants popping up in the neighborhood, Peter Luger is still a special place.