7 Best Places to Live in Nevada


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Nevada offers a lot more than just the Blackjack tables, crap shoots, and flashing lights of Las Vegas. The rest of the state boasts cities where residents don’t have to gamble to win, and enjoy some of the greatest amenities, weather, and quality of life in the country. Which cities are those? We took the time to crunch the numbers, count the cards, and place our bets on these 7 cities in the Silver State.

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#1 Incline Village

Almost a polar opposite of bustling, flashy Las Vegas, Incline Village is a quiet, smaller city. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It sits right on Lake Tahoe, and has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities for nature-lovers and those seeking a life of quiet contentment. But a city needs more than just scenic beauty to take the top spot and Incline Village’s low crime rates coupled with the lack of congestion/easy commute are what crown it king of our list.


#2 Boulder City

Incredibly low unemployment rates, helped in part by the city’s close proximity to one of the greatest feats of engineering in American history, the Hoover Dam, helped secure Boulder City the second-best spot on this list. Not only do most of the residents have jobs, but they also have plenty to do: Boulder City is home to many great restaurants, activities, and events.


#3 Spring Creek

Some of Nevada’ lowest crime rates, and high quality of life (due in part to low cost of living) push Spring Creek high on this list. It also benefits from Elko, another entry on this list, being close by as a job hub. Spring Creek is the place to settle if you’re looking to buy a home in a peaceful region where jobs are aplenty and crime is virtually nil, this is your spot.

#4 Gardnerville

Never heard of Gardnerville? You’re not alone. The smallest city on the list isn’t well known outside of the region. But even though it is small, it still boasts plenty of city amenities, including great restaurants and shops, and the charming, walkable streets are some of the safest in Nevada.


#5 Las Vegas

Nevada’s biggest, brightest, and most famous city does make the top five. Not just because it has many things to offer residents in terms of restaurants, entertainment, and density, but also because of its high employment rate and . While the crime rate is higher than the rest of these entries, keeping it from climbing higher on this list, it’s still a great place to buy a home.


#6 Elko

Great weather are one of the perks of living in Elko. Low cost of living is also a benefit, as taxes are kept at 5%. Even though it is one of the smaller cities on this list, there is plenty to keep residents occupied. Good restaurants and annual events for locals and visitors alike to look forward to.


#7 Henderson

Henderson is Nevada’s second-largest city, and it’s not too far away from Las Vegas. But the crime rates are considerably lower and, while it is not nearly as lively as Sin City, there is still plenty to do and see. Unemployment is also at a low 5%. All of the benefits of living in a larger city can be found here, with very few of the drawbacks.