Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas, Nevada


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Oh Las Vegas… The city of sin. The city that never sleeps. But what if you don’t want to do anything sinful? What if you’d still like to have a great time with your family without having to spend insane amounts of money to see a show? Well then, escape rooms would be perfect for you! They’re an adventurous puzzle game that will keep you on your toes and your memory sharp! Below we’ve compiled some of the best escape room in the area. Check it out!

Live Game Escape Las Vegas

One of the top live escape rooms in Las Vegas, Live Game Escape’s mission is “to provide a new concept of leisure entertainment, team building and corporate training to its markets”. At present, its four themed rooms include: Rescue, Peak-A-Boo, White Lie and Empress of the Globe. After choosing a room, players must team up to find a way out and escape the room within 45 minutes.

Countdown Live Escape Games

One of the most popular escape rooms in Las Vegas, Countdown Live Escape Games is an interactive entertainment experience where players are locked in a room and must find a way to escape before time runs out. It offers three exciting adventures that differ in themes and levels of difficulty. Probably the most difficult of the three rooms is Project Poseidon with 95% level of difficulty and only 15% escape rate.

Lockdown Las Vegas

Just a block away from the world famous Las Vegas Strip on Highland, Lockdown is one of the newest amusement venues in the City of Lights. Like its other locations in Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego, Lockdown incorporates unique and exciting puzzle solving challenges in its three thought-provoking themed rooms. Whether playing the Hostage Rescue, Mob Boss or Crazy Professor players are sure to have an hour of fun-filled adventure.

Rush To Escape

A premiere escape game entertainment in Las Vegas, Rush to Escape is a physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room and must use elements in the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape the room before the hour is up. It offers the perfect venue for group events like corporate team building activities and birthday parties. It currently offers two special themed rooms: Smite “10” Sherlock and Prison Break.

Live Escape Adventure of Las Vegas

Located just a few minutes drive west of the Strip on Sahara Avenue, Live Escape Adventure is one of the most fun live room escape games in Vegas. It has partnered with Lockdown Las Vegas to bring the best escape room experience the city has to offer. Players can choose one out of three unique rooms: Wrongfully Accused, Pharaoh’s Curse and Payback.

Escape or Die

Since opening in November 2015, Escape or Die is fast becoming a favorite escape room experience for locals and tourists alike. Like walking in a horror movie, a group of up to five people must solve puzzles and find clues by using the objects in the room in order to solve the mystery and “escape the apocalypse alive” before time runs out. It features three “end of the world” themed rooms: The Next Civilization, Zombie Takeover and Biohazard.

Xterious Escape

Ideal for company team building and large group events, Xterious Escape is the only escape room in Las Vegas that offers two identical themed rooms perfect for team competition. Faced with similar tasks, two teams will solve the same clues and puzzles and must race against each other to find out who will escape the room first. It features four exciting themes: Casino’s Dark 11, Code 13, Bugsy’s Nightmare, Mapuche and The Great Escape.

Escape Chambers

Found along Tropicana Ave, Escape Chambers is a live room escape game franchise with other locations in Milwaukee, Des Moines, Greenfield and Waukesha. The game allows players to escape reality in its fun-filled rooms. It offers two unique themes at the moment: Kiss of The Dragon and The Morning After, and will be adding three more games soon, Annulment, Pawn Shop and The Honeymoon Suite.

The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

Rated as “The #1 Escape Room in the USA” by, The Basement has made its way to Las Vegas. Just like its Los Angeles counterpart, it takes the escape room experience to a whole new level. Like living a horror movie, it offers two different rooms where players are trapped and must find a way to escape from the cannibalistic serial killer named Edward R. Tandy.

Key Quest Escape Room Las Vegas

A live action escape room experience, Key Quest is presented by Laser Quest, a family entertainment venue since 1992 with 50 locations operating in Canada and the United States. In Key Quest, players have 45 minutes to work together in solving a series of puzzles and find a way to escape the room. It currently offers three exciting and fun-filled rooms: Vacation Vandals, The Cellar and Detention.