6 Best Craft Breweries in Missouri

6 Best Craft Breweries in Missouri

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Spanning from St Louis to the west border of Missouri, there are some great spots to take a seat and try some truly amazing craft beers. We’ve taken upon ourselves to list out six of our favorites that we know you’ll enjoy.

Boulevard Brewing Company

Since opening in 1989, Boulevard Brewing has grown to become the largest specialty brewery in the Midwest. This award winning brewery is known for their full flavor, distinctive character and high quality. Its most popular brew, the Unfiltered Wheat Beer, is a Gold medal awardee at the Great American Beer Festival.

4 Hands Brewing Co.

Located in St. Louis, 4 Hands Brewing has a 20,000 square foot brewing facility with 3,000 feet dedicated to barrel aging. This popular brewery offers five year round beers, namely Single Speed, Divided Sky Rye IPA, Reprise Centennial Red, Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown and Resurrected IPA, as well as seasonal and specialty brews. It offers brewery tours every Saturday.

Perennial Artisan Ales

Established in 2011, Perennial Artisan Ales is a microbrewery found in St. Louis. This brewery is known for its Belgian and American craft styles mixed with non-traditional flavors. Its year round brews like Hommel Bier and Saison de Lis, as well as its seasonal and special releases are hand crafted and made in small batches.

Kansas City Bier Company

Although located in Kansas City, Kansas City Bier was founded by Steve Holle in 2013 and resides across the border in Missouri.  The brewery is known for its German-style brews. Their year round “biers”, like the Helles, Dunkel and Hefeweizen, as well as seasonal brews are best enjoyed together with friends at their outdoor biergarten.

Saint Louis Brewery’s Schlafly Beer

Schlafly Beer is produced by Saint Louis Brewery, the largest locally owned independent brewery in Missouri. This popular brewery produces over 50 unique styles of fresh beer every year. More than ten years after opening the Schlafly Tap Room in Downtown St. Louis, it opened the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood in 2003.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Urban Chestnut’s fundamental philosophy is “Beer Divergence”, a place where the “new world meets the old world”. Its Revolution series is influenced by modern American beers while the Reverence series pays tribute to traditional European beer styles. This award winning brewery has three locations, two of which in St. Louis and the third in Wolnzach, Germany.