6 Best Burger Places in Minnesota


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Craving a burger in the Minnesota area? Fundreds has you covered with 6 of our best burger place recommendations to grab a juicy one in the state. Is dinner ready?

Red Cow

A growing local chain, with three locations in the Twin Cities and more planned, Red Cow’s creative menu has been a hit with locals. They have a creative selection of burgers on the menu, from a 60/40 burgers, with 60% beef and 40% ground bacon, to the Ahi Tuna Burger, to an award-winnning turkey burger. Brunch is also available on weekends, and there is no shame in getting a burger for breakfast. In fact, the breakfast burger, topped with a fried egg, just might one of the better burgers they serve.

112 Eatery

One of the best restaurants in Minneapolis, 112’s inspired, chef-driven menu is filled with items like foie gras and lardon, Chinese fried eggs, and frogs legs. Sitting quietly in the midst of these creative plates, however, is one of the city’s very best burgers. The 112 Cheeseburger is simple and delicious; great for a quick bite at the bar, or some familiar, greasy goodness at dinner. Pro tip: The full menu is served until 1:30 in the morning, so no need to rush.


You don’t always want a busy diner or bustling restaurant when you’re looking for a burger. Sometimes you want an elegant, basement lounge with excellent cocktails and a cool, subterranean vibe. Parlour’s burger has quickly found its way onto many local “best of” lists, and for good reason. Made with three types of meat, ground sirloin, ribeye, and brisket, and topped with gooey american cheese, it’s a simple, delicious treat.

Victory 44

Located in what was once a gas station, the digs are as creative as the menu. With a focus on locally-sourced, in-season ingredients, the restaurant has cultivated a loyal following for their creative twists on classic comfort food. Loaded bacon fries? Fried chicken? Ham and pickle tots? It’s all there, alongside The Perfect Burger which lives up to its hyperbolic name every time.


Yes, the fried chicken at Revival is a must. The Minneapolis restaurant focused on southern-fried goodness, and you’ll never leave unhappy (or less than too-full) when you stick with that. But, amidst the country fried steaks and hush puppies, a truly fantastic burger begs a try as well. With two pattys smothered in cheese and a swath of mayo, it’s a burger worth foregoing some of the city’s best fried chicken for.

Matt’s Bar

Locals have argued for years over which burger joint, Matt’s or the rival 5-8 Club, first introduced the Minnesota Classic “Jucy Lucy,” a burger with cheese stuffed inside rather than on top. Whether or not they were the very first to bring that incredible creation the table, there is no doubt that they have a good one. Gooey and delicious, the burgers at this unassuming bar and eatery in Minneapolis are so good even President Obama made a stop last time he was in town.