The Best Paintball Arenas in Michigan


If you are looking for a great way to enforce teamwork at the office, give Paintball a try. This game is a fun way for co-workers to come together and brainstorm in teams to compete and win. It is also a great option for families, clubs, and groups of friends.

Lone Wolf Paintball

Lone Wolf Paintball in Mt Clemens offers a great outdoor experience with 6 playing courses over 40+ acres of land. There are all types of terrain for you to play on, and plenty of ways for you to strategize and defeat the opposing team. This paintball arena has been in business since 1998 and has become a local leader for those involved in the paintball community.

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T.C. Paintball

T.C. Paintball has several options for those who love to take part in competitive play. Play all throughout the year, even during the winter at this location. Both paintball and airsoft games are available. T.C Paintball is a field paint only facility which means that all paintballs must be purchased at this location. This arena hosts private games and special events including birthday parties.

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CRU Paintball

CRU Paintball offers the ultimate paintball experience for players of all ages. There are safe play options for younger players and intense open play games that are available whenever you are. Paintball packages offer something for everyone and are great for birthdays and other special occasions. CRU offers the largest indoor field in the state along with additional outdoor fields to ensure that guests are never kept waiting for the chance to play.

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Action Paintball Park

Action Paintball Park offers the best playing experience in the area with fields for either paintball and airsoft. If you are looking for a high-intensity activity to take part in this weekend, Action Paintball Park has 8 fields and more than 40 acres of land for you to explore while playing. There is also an indoor field available so that you can enjoy playing even if the weather is bad outside.

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Vantage Paintball

Vantage Paintball is open for private groups 7 days a week. They operate from Dusk til Dawn to provide you with the best outdoor play experience They are the only outdoor facility in the area that specializes in Woodsball and Speedball. If you are looking for a completely different paintball playing experience then you should give Vantage Paintball a try.

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Crossfire Paintball

Crossfire Paintball features a large outdoor playing area and an indoor staging area as well as a covered pavilion where you can enjoy refreshments after the game. Private parities are offered for groups of 15 or more players and last for 3 hours. This location hosts birthday parties, youth outings and other special events.

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