The Best Escape Rooms in Michigan

Escape rooms have become a national pastime that everyone from groups of college kids to families enjoy visiting. You are trapped in a room with no way to get out, or at least that’s how it seems. You must work together with your group to solve puzzles and find out a way to escape the room before its too late. If you haven’t tried out this latest craze in entertainment, here are a few choices for escape rooms in the state of Michigan you need to check out.

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Ideal Escape Rooms

Located in Oxford, MI at 925n N. Lapeer Rd, this escape room location offers private events for groups. In this Wild West Escape Room adventure, you only have 60 mins to escape from the town jail along with your gang of disorderly outlaws. Find the evidence against you and the keys before the Sheriff returns. This escape room adventure is a beginner level activity and ideal for participants ages 8 years and up. The price of admission is $20-$28 per person, rate depends on schedule.


Escape Games - Livonia

Think, Solve, and Escape at this Escape Games location in Livonia, Michigan. With a selection of rooms and themes available, you will want to come back again and again to try them all. This facility features a Murder Mystery room, Abandon Ship room, a Jail Break room and more. You have just one hour to use the puzzles and solve the mystery. Will you be able to escape in time?


Michigan Escape Games

You and your team are locked in a room with no visible way to escape. Will you be able to remain calm long enough to solve the clues? Solve the puzzles and escape the room before its too late when you visit this escape room location in Davison, MI. Book a room for an upcoming birthday or special event. You can also pre-book up and coming rooms such as The Dwelling which will open in August. Rooms and themes are available for different age groups. This location offers some of the best storylines for horror and sci-fi fanatics.


The Great Escape Room

Located in Royal Oak, Michigan, The Great Escape Room is a fun Sherlock-themed escape adventure that is an easy favorite among those who have tried out all the rest. Ideal for team building exercises and private events, The Great Escape Room is open Monday through Thursday from 6PM to 10PM, Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 11:30PM, and on Sundays from 12PM to 9PM.


Escape the Room Detriot

Escape the Room is a great interactive entertainment concept in Detroit. You and your friends enter what seems to be an ordinary room, but it’s a real-life adventure game. Find hidden objects, solve the puzzles, and earn your freedom. But you must be quick and beat the clock, you only have 60 minutes to escape! Two adventures, The Dig, and The Agency, are now available for you to try. This challenging game is perfect for team building, special events, and parties.