The Best Burger Places in Detroit

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Try out a burger and fries at these popular restaurants in Detroit, Michigan. From traditional to gourmet-style burgers you are sure to find a new favorite when you visit one of these establishments.

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Mercury Burger & Bar

If you are looking for a fun place to eat where you can enjoy great food and drinks at the bar with friends, Mercury Burger & Bar is the place for you. The location offers plenty of classic burger styles including Bacon Cheeseburgers alongside their customized favorites like the California Turkey Burger and the Southwest Detroit Burger.


Nemo's Bar

Nemo’s is a popular restaurant where the locals go to watch every Lions home game. The Sporty establishment offers a breakfast buffet, and a menu filled with all your lunch and dinner favorites. Customers who are headed to any games in Detroit can take Nemo’s shuttle to major games and events.



Wahlburgers offers a wide array of choices for all types of burger lovers from vegetarians to picky eaters. The restaurant which is featured on the popular A&E reality series by the same name, has several locations throughout the country. These chef-inspired, unique burgers created by Paul Wahlberg, brother of Donnie & Mark Wahlberg, are amazing and always made with the freshest ingredients.


Motz Restaurant

Motz Restaurant is the home of the original style slider burger. Stop by to grab a combo or try out one of the other signature items on the menu. All burgers are made using the finest ingredients and customized just the way you like it. Additional favorites at this MotorCity location include their famous chocolate shakes and chili cheese fries.


Taystee's Burgers

Enjoy award-winning flavor and a variety of gourmet style burgers when you visit Detroit’s Taystee’s Burgers. If you are ready to try out something new and unique, there are plenty of options to choose from on the menu such as the Volcano Burger, bacon and jalapeno poppers, and spicy fries.


Basement Burger Bar

Enjoy delicious burgers and refreshing beer at one of Detroit’s favorite restaurants. The Basement Burger Bar is a locally owned restaurant with three locations to serve you. All vegetables and greens are locally sourced to ensure freshness and ultimate flavor. And all menu items are made to order just the way you like it.