The Best Historical Landmarks in Massachusetts

The East Coast of the United States is rich with artifacts from our nation’s history. Massachusetts is one state that is filled with some of our most prestigious landmarks. History buffs and tourists visit these locations all throughout the year. If you plan to be staying in the area , be sure to check out some of these grand landmarks from our country’s past that helped shape our future.

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The House of Seven Gables

Located in Salem, The House of Seven Gables is a location made famous by the Gothic novel written by American author National Hawthorne in 1851. His book focused on this beautiful home located at 115 Derby Street. The home was built in 1668 by merchant and ship owner, John Turner. Today the famous house is a treasured national landmark and a museum featuring antiques and items from many years ago.


Mount Greylock Veterans War Memorial

In the northwest part of the state is Mount Greylock, the highest point in the state of Massachusetts. Open to the public in 1933, this area features various hiking trails and the opportunity for visitors to explore the Mount Greylock area. But the main highlight of this mountain is the Veterans War Memorial Tower. This permanent war memorial was built to remember the fallen soldiers of WWI. It stands 93 feet tall and was originally meant to shine for those we have lost in service. Restoration attempts began in 1973 and recently wrapped up so that the tower could reopen in July of 2017.


George Washington Statue in Boston

The George Washington Statue in Boston is one of the most impressive sculptures in the entire state. Built in 1859 using funds raised by donations, this statue represents our First President during a time when his countenance was full of force. The statue is in the Boston Public Garden at Arlington Street and Commonwealth Avenue. It stands an impressive 22 feet high and the fine granite pedestal is 16 feet tall, for a total height of 38 feet.


The Old State House in Boston

The Od State House in Boston located on King Street is open to the public, Visitors can tour the interior of the beautiful building and discover the hidden history of how our nation was formed. This is the oldest and most important public building in U.S. history, prior to the Revolution. It is where John Adams stated that “Independence was born.” And where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Boston. Admission to the tour is $10 for Adults and $8.50 for students. Children between 6 and 18 get in free, and Seniors over the age of 62 can tour the Old State House for $8.50.


Brandt Point Lighthouse

Lighthouses are some of the most beautiful and symbolic historical landmarks that we have access to. The Town of Nantucket has several towering lighthouses still standing thanks to their many years in the whaling industry. The Brandt Point Lighthouse is a 26-foot tall wood tower that is topped with a 5th order Fresnel lens. It was built as a replacement in 1901, just 596 feet away from the previous lighthouse. The long wooden walkway runs to a sandy beach and a small entryway for access to the tower. In 1965, the lighthouse was automated and it continues to operate as an active lighthouse to this day.