7 Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

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As a state known for its prestigious higher-education institutions , it’s no wonder that Massachusetts has no many great cities to call home. But plenty of other factors make these seven cities great places to live. Low crime and high unemployment played a major part in these rankings, as well as education, cost of living, cultural offerings, and the scenic beauty you can only find living on the East Coast.

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#1. Concord

This Boston suburb took the top spot by not only offering great schools, a low crime rate, and close proximity to some of the finest higher-education institutions in the country, but by also offering incredible support for those who just graduated from one of those institutions. Plus, Median household income is high, while the home prices remain fairly reasonable. This is a great place to make your home for families starting out.

#2. Weston

Weston, a small suburb of Boston, is a great place to raise a family. Here, some of the state’s safest streets and most solid and financially-supported school systems set youngsters up for success, while the colleges and universities nearby help to continue that education. It’s also one of the most affluent cities in the state. The only reason it slid to #2 is that it’s much more expensive to find a home here than number #1 Concord.


#3. Lexington

The long, and storied history of this city only adds to the charm of living here. Lexington boasts the fifth-lowest unemployment rates in the state, so you’ll be completely safe enjoying the historic streets. There are also a lot of amenities in this slightly-larger Boston ‘burb, which might lead the higher cost of living. Still, people have been moving here at a consistent pace over the last two decades to take advantage of everything it has to offer.


#4. Wayland

Wayland is of the very safest places (the 2nd lowest crime rates in Massachusetts) to live, though not so far away from the Boston metro that you can’t still enjoy the big city amenities from time to time. It’s probably not a coincidence that it one of the lowest unemployment rates can be found here, as well as high median income.


#5. Wellesley

The unemployment rate is low, and the median income is high. Okay, when we say the unemployment rate low we mean one of the very lowest in the state, and has stayed consistently so for years, while the median income has stayed high as well. This contentment spills over onto the quaint, charming streets, and it’s also home to one of the top-ranked universities (yep, Wellesley) in the country.


#6. Bedford

Bedford is similar to Wellesley in that it has a consistently low unemployment rate (only slightly higher than the previous entry), and high median income (only slightly lower than the previous entry). This seems to be a trend with the cities on this list, and like many others, it’s a great place to raise a family.


#7. Newton

The largest city on this list is also closest to the big city of Boston. So close, in fact, that the Boston Marathon runs right through its heart. The crime rates, however, remain low and the city is often voted one of the 10 best communities in which to live. Not quite as quiet and quaint as the previous cities on this list, Newton is a the city you want when looking for a little more excitement while still enjoying the the calm of the outer metro.