6 Best Craft Breweries in Massachusetts

craft breweries massachusetts

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From Cape Cod to Boston, there’s a never ending list of fun things to do in Massachusetts. However, if you’re looking to just relax and sip on some quality crafted beer, look no further, because there’s plenty of options. We’ve narrowed it down to 6 of the best ones so you can try them out yourselves. Enjoy!

Trillium Brewing Company

Opened in 2013, Trillium is a farmhouse style brewery founded in South Boston. To meet the increasing demand for their brews, they opened a new facility in Canton in 2015. This family run brewery is a mix of local tradition and modern innovation.

Tree House Brewing Co.

Established in 2011, Tree House Brewing has become one of the favorites breweries in the state. Known for their exceptional brews, this Monson based brewery offers a wide array of artisan ales available on rotation as well as seasonal and occasional brews. Being a draft only brewery, they guarantee their beer fans only the freshest and highest quality brews.

Buzzards Bay Brewing

Dubbed as “America’s Greenest Brewery”, Buzzards Bay’s number one ingredient is the natural spring water they use in making their brews. They are also included in the Massachusetts Brewers Guild Beer Trail. Located in Westport, their brews are available throughout the South Coast and Rhode Island.

Mystic Brewery

Located in Chelsea, Mystic Brewery specializes in farmhouse-style ales. This popular brewery creates unique brews from locally sourced yeast and other ingredients using traditional methods and focusing on fermentation. Their favorite beers like Saison Renaud, Table Beer and De Varenne, as well as their other seasonal brews are available in select bars and restaurants throughout the country.

Wachusett Brewing Company

In 1993, Wachusett Brewery was founded by Peter Quinn, Ned LaFortune and Kevin Buckler. Located in the town of Westminster, this craftbrewery produces a variety of styles including lagers, ales and porter. For more than 20 years, they have continued to follow the original plan of producing only the freshest and highest quality brews.

Cambridge Brewing Company

Opened in 1989, Cambridge Brewing is the oldest brewpub in the greater Boston area. This award winning brewery has received numerous awards and recognition at the Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and Great British Beer Festival. It is known for traditional, new American and experimental beer styles and is also the first commercial brewery in the country to produce a Belgian beer.