7 Best Places to Live in Louisiana

7 Best Places to Live in Louisiana

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Looking for a change of scenery? Just curious to see if your city made the list? The wait is over, folks. The 2016 list of the 7 best places to live in Louisiana is here! A handful of cities in this article are yearly staples on other top places to live posts, but there are definitely some surprises in this list. The criteria that we used to come up with our rankings included crime rates, unemployment levels, adjusted median income, and land devoted to parks compared to total size of the city (among several other factors). Some of the criteria were weighted more heavily than others. Did we mess up by not including your beloved city? Let us know in the comments, and do not be shy!

Youngsville -- Best places to live in Louisiana

#1. Youngsville

By no means are we bashing the rest of the Bayou State when we say this, but Youngsville is an example of a mini paradise in Louisiana. Just south of Lafayette, Youngsville dominated just about every other city in the stats that we were using to formulate this list.

Median income was very high, weather is fantastic and crime rates were in the bottom 10 — which are all very good things

Prairieville, LA

#2. Prairieville

The first suburb of Baton Rouge to make the list is Prairieville.

With one of the best unemployment rates in Louisiana, Prairieville is a fantastic spot to live. Crime rates in Prairieville were the 2nd lowest in the state, the cost of living is lower than average and the population is growing. Get in before everyone else realizes that this is the place to be!

Metairie, LA - one of the top places to live in Louisiana

#3. Metairie

Definitely the largest city near the top of our rankings, Metairie is a very neat spot. Stuck right between Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans, there is, simply, a ton of fun stuff to do nearby. Considering its size, the crime rate is relatively low and same goes for the unemployment rate. These stats equate to a great spot to reside in Louisiana.


#4. Prien

Another small town makes the top 5: Prien. Just south of Lake Charles, might not be so small for much longer. With about a 29% growth rate since the year 2000, Prien made the list due to its bottom-1o crime rate (good), relatively high median income and one of the shortest average commutes to work. We are fans of short commutes because it means more time with the fam… and more time to tailgate for the LSU games!

Estelle - places to live in louisiana

#5. Estelle

As the 3rd town to make our list with a population under 20,000, we are starting to see a trend — small towns rock!

Estelle is a suburb of New Orleans that has the 4th lowest crime rate in the state of Louisiana. Other stats that led to this pick are the facts that it has only a 5% house vacancy rate and a very solid unemployment rate of 4%. With a lower than average cost of living, this is a great spot to live if you are commuting to New Orleans.

Destrehan - top place to live

#6. Destrehan

Why did we rank Destrehan at #6? Easy. They spend the most of any town/city in the state on education (per student) and that straight-up matters. That’s not it, though. Destrehan also posts a solid $77k median salary and the 17th lowest crime rate in Louisiana.

Central is #7 on our list of the best places to live in LA

#7. Central

After just becoming a city in April of 2005, Central makes its case for #7 on our list with the 4th best weather (statistically), the 5th lowest crime rate in Louisiana and a higher-than-average $66k median household income. Central also boasts a solid 96% employment rate and per-student school expenditures that are higher than the national average.

That’s a wrap! The 7 top places to live in Louisiana (based on our stats)! Did your town make the cut? Did we wrongly leave it off the list? Let us know if you have any suggestions, but be sure to back it up with some real evidence to support your case!