The Best Campsites in Kentucky

Kentucky has plenty of beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, and campsites where you can escape and get away from it all. Here are some of the best campsites in the state for you to check out.

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Paducah Campground Kentucky Lake KOA

The Paducah Campground at Kentucky Lake has campgrounds and cabins available for use. The location is quiet is the rest areas are always clean and well-maintained. The owners and staff members are very courteous and keep this historic location a pleasant place to stay.


Falls Creek Cabins and Campgrounds

Fall Creek Cabins and Campgrounds are the perfect place to stay during the warm summer months. This location features fun hands-on activities, clean facilities and a helpful staff. The cabins have plenty of space and the campsites are always well-kept.


Laurel Lake Camping Resort

Located in Corbin, KY, The Laurel Lake Camping Resort has plenty of amenities that make this location a memorable place to stay. The staff is friendly and helpful, and many times throughout the summer live performances take place on Saturdays.


Twin Knobs Campground

Located in Morehead, KY, Twin Knobs Campground is an exceptional place to stay during the summer. The campground has a beach area, walking trails, bike trails and everything is neat and clean. Locals love that you have the chance to see local wildlife while staying in the area.


Paris Landing at Kentucky Lake KOA

The grounds of the Paris Landing campsite at Kentucky Lake are always well-kept and clean. Those who have stayed there in the past state that the staff are kind and helpful. Families travel from all over the country to visit this peaceful location during the Spring and Summer months.