The Best Roadside Attractions in Indiana

Roadside attractions help make great American road trips even more memorable. If you plan to travel through The Hoosier State , make time to stop at some of these amazing attractions for a photo to share with envious friends and family.

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Santa Claus Museum & Village

Discover the story of St. Nick all over again at the Santa Claus Museum & Village. This location features an abundance of historical documents, artifacts, and fun photos that reveals the progression from the small settlement of Santa Fe. The museum is located in the town of Santa Claus and includes exhibits on the beginning of tourism to the area, old letters to Santa, local traditions, antique toys and dolls.


World's Largest Ball of Paint

This popular attraction located in Alexandria is a solid mass of thin paint layers applied to one another over the years. This ball has grown and is now one of the most popular roadside attractions. Created by Michael Carmichael, 5-gallon buckets of latex paint surround the largest ball of paint. It is slung from a steel beam in a custom-built Ball House located nearby Carmichael’s home. This exhibit has been open to the public since 1977 when Carmichael’s young son added a coat of pastel blue paint to a basketball. Today the ball is 14 feet in circumference and weighs 2.5 tons.


Medora Covered Bridge

The Medora Covered Bridge is the largest clean-spanning bridge in the country. It is located inside the Carr Township in Jackson County, Indiana, and crosses over the White River. This bridge runs alongside the State Road 235, and is one mile east of its namesake town of Medora. The bridge was built in 1875 by J.J. Daniels and cost $18,142 to complete.


The Pink Martini Drinking Elephant - Elite Beverages

The towering pink elephant that wears various costumes throughout the year can usually be seen wearing eyeglasses and drinking a refreshing martini outside of Elite Beverages. Located in Fortville, this pachyderm statue was meant to draw customers in to the liquor store, Elite Beverages, and now it is one of the most beloved landmarks in the area. When it isn’t at its usual post, this elephant takes part in local holiday parades.


Rotary Jail Museum

The Rotary Jail Museum located in Montgomery is the first one to be built in the U.S. and it is the last one to still be in operation. When it first opened in 1882, this jail helped to store prisoners easily and safely. The unique structure was the first of its kind at the time as it helped maintain strict social order by putting a limit on personal contact between inmate and jailers. By rotating a hand crank where the two-tier turntable would pivot, the jailer could bring one cell to an opening, allowing a prisoner in or out. Today this museum hosts annual events and tours all throughout the year.


The Big Peach

The Big Peach is a popular attraction that is located in Knox County on a family owned farm. The attraction is open from May through October and there is also a market nearby that offers fresh produce, and homemade jams and jellies. During the weekends in October, families can take part in fall festivities such as a corn maze, bounce house, games, and visiting the pumpkin patch.


Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree located in Milltown, Indiana is a large Maple tree that has hundreds of shoes scattered throughout its branches, contributed by visitors over the years. Oddly enough, there is more than one legendary shoe tree in the state. However the one in Crawford County is believed to hold the shoes of former Boston Celtic’s player Larry Bird.


World's Largest Sycamore Stump

The World’s Largest Sycamore Stump is located in Kokomo. No one knows how many centuries old this hollow stump is, however it is more than 57 feet around, 18 feet wide and 12 feet high. The commissioner of Kokomo’s city park thought it would make a great attraction and had it hauled to the park in 1916. The stump can be found inside Highland Park and admission is free.