Best Escape Rooms in Indianapolis, IN


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Are you adventurous? Escape rooms have been the rise as the new adventurous attraction. The best thing about them is that they’re perfect for a family or group of friends. We would highly recommend going to at least one, and to make that decision a bit easier, we’ve gathered together some of the best escape rooms in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Escape Room Indianapolis

Opened in October 2015, The Escape Room is one of the best attractions in Indianapolis. The misson is really simple: a team of players are locked in themed room and have 60 minutes to work together in searching for clues, solving puzzles and finding a way to escape. It offers five unique themes: Hoosier Hysteria, Jail Break, Bank Heist, KGB Interrogation and Art Gallery.

Escape the Room Indianapolis

One of the best escape room franchise in the country, Escape The Room can be found in more than 15 major cities across the United States. The rooms may seem to be ordinary at first but players will soon realize that they will be faced with a real life adventure game. Whether playing “The Dig”, “The Agency” or “The Apartment”, everyone is sure to have an hour of fun and adventure.

The Key Haunted Escape Rooms

Created in 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Julie Gerard and Tammy Beckham, The Key is the largest escape room venue in Indiana. Like walking in a horror movie, players are immersed into a one of a kind experience. It has already opened six of its goal of twelve rooms: Shackle Hall, The Seance, The Funeral Parlor, Wine Cellar Terror, The Hunted and Prisoners of War.

Escape Room NWI

The first escape room game in Northwest Indiana, Escape Room NWI is located in the city of Schererville. Trapped in a mysterious room, players must put on their Sherlock thinking cap and work together to find a way to escape. Whether navigating “The Mystery Chamber” or finding the hidden treasures in “The Faberge Heist”, players are sure to have an hour of amazing time.

Epic Escape Game

Just an hour drive northwest of Indianapolis, Epic Escape Game is the first escape room in Muncie. The game is simple: a group of eight people are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room before the time is up. It offers three themed rooms that differ in level of difficulty and success rate: Toys in the Attic, The Factory and The Office of Dr. Landau.

Breakout Indianapolis Escape Game

With over 50 locations across the country, Breakout is probably the biggest escape room franchise in the the United States. As proof of its popularity, it has two locations in Indianapolis. Players can choose from six uniquely themed rooms that can found in both locations: Haunted Schoolhouse, The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino, Hostage and Island Escape.

Escape Evansville

First opened in Houston, Texas, Escape is a real life puzzle game located in Evansville, Indiana. A fun activity for everyone, it is the perfect venue for corporate team building activities, family outing or even friends who just want to do something out of the ordinary. It offers four challenging but fun-filled adventures: The Pirates Of The Ohio, Taken, Zombie Escape and the Enchanted Library.