6 Best Burger Places in Illinois


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Looking for a tasty burger in the state of Illinois? You won’t have to look any further since Fundreds just compiled a list of the best burger places to make a trip to when you’re craving a juicy and epic patty:

Au Cheval

This diner in Chicago has found that perfect nexus between upscale and accessible. That means you can find everything from foie gras to hash browns on the menu, and somewhere in the middle, one of the city’s very best burgers. Simple and delicious, the single (less hungry) and double (more hungry) cheeseburgers always hit the spot. Casual and cool, it’s a great place to enjoy a meal.

Kuma’s Corner

If you don’t love rock n roll, an extensive list of tap beers, and an even more extensive list of awesome burgers, then you shouldn’t bother with this popular pub in Chicago. But who doesn’t love those things? Creative and fun, the burgers here are so good that they might someday achieve the same level of fame and notoriety as the rock, metal, and heavy metal bands they’re named after.

Edzo’s Burger Shop

After studying culinary arts all across the world, the chef/owner decided to take his fine-dining knowledge and apply it to classic burgers,fries, and shakes. And we’re all the better for it. Edzo’s specializes in the simple and divine flavors that made this the ubiquitous American meal, and the never-frozen beef sourced from small farmers really shines under his spatula. Make sure to give the Lobster Fries a try as well while you’re there.

Butcher & The Burger

It’s all about what you want at this retro-cool eatery in Chicago. Step up to the counter and build your perfect burger from their list of toppings, spices, and sauces. While they serve a pretty spectacular breakfast menu as well, you’ll really want to give the burgers a shot. As the name suggests, a butcher shop is attached. If you like what you taste, you can take some of their meats home with you.

Old Town Social

A truly great neighborhood bar and grill is something to be celebrated, especially in Illinois. Sometimes, you just want a quality bite to eat and something to wash it down without the pretense that accompanies many of the better restaurants in the city. Old Town is exactly that. Delicious burgers, a relaxed atmosphere (and stellar outdoor seating), and brunch for those morning-after hangovers, it’s the kind of place every neighborhood would be proud to call their own.

Rockit Burger Bar

No matter how well the Cubs are doing onfield, Rockit always scores with their menu of burgers and whiskey. The Mac & Cheese Attack, a burger that is as good as it sounds, was featured on “Good Morning America,” and it only gets better from there. Before or after a game, or even during the offseason, this Wrigleyville restaurant is a hit.