7 Best Places to Live in Georgia


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From preserved historic architecture to a beautiful mix of beach, farmland, and marsh, the Georgia landscape is never boring. Of course, you have to get your hands on some of those famous peaches as well. That’s only the beginning however, and when determining where to settle down much there needs to be much more taken into account. Good education, employment, and amenities were key pieces of determining the 7 best places to live, and weather, crime, and cost of living also played a major role. If you’re looking to head South, you can’t do better than these cities and towns in Georgia.

#1 Canton

Canton, Georgia
Canton had no trouble securing the number one spot. The city offers residents plenty to do, and plenty of places to eat and drink for any age group, which might be part of the reason it is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. It might also have something to do with the cool, pleasant summers, and low unemployment rates. Whatever the reason, the cats out of the bag and Canton is becoming well-known as a great place to live.

#2 Alpharetta

Alpharetta, Georgia
There are a number of reasons why Alpharetta ended up at such a high spot on our list. It’s a great place to start and raise a family, thanks to one of the state’s best education systems, as well as plenty of great family-friendly restaurants, shops, and parks. Household income and home values are some of the highest as well.

#3 Beachtree City

Beachtree City, Georgia
You can really enjoy the great outdoors in Peachtree City. The outdoor amenities, including seemingly-endless bike and running paths, might be the best on our list. Also, the crime rates are impressively low here, so no worries about enjoying those paths any time of day. The city’s name recalls the most well-known symbol of the state, the peach, but it will probably soon be known as a symbol for quality living as well.

#4 Athens

Athens, Georgia
A city that ranks highest on this list for cultural amenities, you won’t quickly run out of things to do in Athens. You can visit the State Botanical Garden if you have an interest in the local flora, or head to the Bear Hollow Zoo if you’re more fascinated by fauna. Plenty of shops and restaurants fill the space in between. And, just for good measure, the city’s unemployment rate stays low, and the education system is also impressive.

#5 Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Georgia
Residents of Fayateville have a lot to smile about. A low unemployment rate for one, and low sales tax for another. That leaves a few extra dollars to enjoy the city’s amenities, including shops and restaurants more than worth a visit. The parks and gardens are worth noting as well. Those few extra dollars can also go toward the higher-than-average cost of living, but no city is completely perfect.

#6 Perry

Perry, Georgia
“Clean” and “safe” are two words that could be used to describe Perry. “Picturesque” is another. There are a lot of reasons to end up in Perry, and while it’s often considered a place just to visit for its cute cityscape and good restaurant, it’s also a great place to settle down. The unemployment rate is the second-best in Georgia, and those clean and safe streets make it a great place for families.

#7 Woodstock

Woodstock, Georgia
You’ll be about as happy in Woodstock, Georgia as those who attended the famous 1969 music festival. That was a different Woodstock, sure, but you get the idea. The beautiful, historic downtown offers plenty to do and some of Georgia’s best restaurants, and the stats for income, employment, and education were all high as well.