7 Best Burger Places in Georgia


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Looking for a tasty burger in Georgia? You won’t have to look any further since Fundreds just found the best burger places to make a trip to when you’re craving an epic meal.  Hungry yet?

Bocado Burger

No pretense at this Atlanta burger joint, just great food and drink. Known for their “stack” burgers and unique ingredients, especially when you want to build your own burger, Bocado also works with some the area’s finest local purveyors of meat, cheese, and ice cream to provide the very best that Georgia has to offer. And, though getting a seat can sometimes be tough, the outdoor patio is always a great place to eat.

Ann’s Snack Bar

This classic Atlanta burger joint doesn’t even have a website, and while there is a Facebook, don’t expect to find anything new on it. This is a restaurant that doesn’t need the internet to keep seats filled with eager customers. Famous for burgers so big you just might need help to finish them, and especially the “Ghetto Burger” that might be one of the best burgers you can find anywhere in the South, Ann’s truly is one of a kind.

Illegal Food

Food so good it should be, well, illegal, you’ll find more than just your everyday cheeseburgers at this Atlanta restaurant. Try the Banh Mi-style burger for a touch of East Asia, or add a little spice to your life with the chili-rubbed Nasty Nate. The drinks as well are worth a try, and this might be one of the few places where a cocktail might be a better choice than a beer for your burger.

Farm Burger

As the name implies, the ingredients for these burgers come straight from the farm. A chain that puts the fertile lands of the South on full display, the grass-fed, dry-aged, hormone-free beef that goes into these burgers is great no matter which location you choose to dine at. With three of them, in Decatur, Buckhead, and Dunwoody, a fantstic burger is never too far away.

Locos Grill & Pub

All across Georgia you can find these top notch burgers, apps, and even vegetarian options perfect for when you’re dining out with a larger group. 10 locations across the state make it easy to find, but if that isn’t enough you can just order online for delivery as well. These burgers are big, gooey, and delicious, especially the Southern Deluxe, made with American cheese on a butter-toased kaiser roll, and the Bayou Burger which comes with a Cajun Bistro sauce as flavorful as it sounds.

Crystal Beer Parlor

Many memories have been made at this historic Savannah mainstay. Open since 1933, it seems every local has a story to tell about nights spent drinking and dining here. But just as important as the past are the memories still to be made here trying out the Bison Burger, Meatloaf Burger, or their Classic Crystal Burger that comes with a griddled ground chuck patty so delicious it deserves its place in history.

Green Truck Pub

It’s not uncommon to find restaurants dedicated to sourcing local ingredients and supporting local businesses, but no one does it quite like Green Truck Pub in Savannah. Everything, from the tables, chairs and menus, to the coffee, to the grass-fed, hormone-free beef for their burgers, comes from in and around the city. While that wouldn’t be enough by itself to get them on this list (it’s really about the awesome burgers), it’s certainly an added bonus.