Your backyard provides an unlimited number of entertainment options once the summer months roll around. No matter if it’s a family day with the kids, an adult-only evening, or a neighborhood get-together – these outdoor games are sure to be a lot of fun in the sun:


Cornhole - a great outdoor game to play

Old-fashion and old school, Cornhole is the quintessential backyard game. There’s nothing like tossing bean bags in the backyard. Kids love it, adults can drink to it, and it’s competitive. Split up into teams and host tournaments or series with small wagers to add excitement.

Ladder Ball

Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game

If Cornhole isn’t up your alley, then friends and family will surely love Ladder Ball. Another classic backyard game, this one features golf balls attached to a string being tossed at an apparatus. Teams are essential for this competitive game, too.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

A perfect game for large families or groups, Giant Jenga is always a good time – unless you’re the one who collapses the tower. General Jenga rules apply here. And with the tower growing over five feet, the collapse is sure to provide quite the entertainment value.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots

While most of us don’t have a backyard big enough for a full game of soccer, you don’t need much space to set up a goal beside the fence. One-on-one matchups make for great bragging opportunities. All you need is a goalie and at least one player trying to score.


mini-golf set

Whip out the lawn mower and cut a patch of grass in your backyard down to the bone. Next, grab your putter and create a few “holes” to use. Mini-golf is a lot of fun in the backyard – especially because the game can be as relaxing or competitive as you desire.

Freeze Tag

freeze tag - fun outdoor games

You won’t need any extra toys for a good, ole’ fashion game of freeze tag. All you need is some warm bodies, good energy, and a need for some competition. This is a great game for smaller kids and families. I doubt you’ll be convincing your middle-aged neighbors to play this fun game at an adult-only bash.

Viking Chess (AKA Kubb)

Viking Chess

Viking Chess, also known as Kubb, has been rising in popularity in recent years and has quickly become a backyard game favorite. You’ll need at least four players and a bit of focus for this game. Kubb takes strategy, teamwork, and a decent amount of skill to succeed.

Lawn Twister


Lawn Twister is exactly how it sounds – you play Twister on the grass. Cut the lawn low and use spray paint with stencils to create a board similar to the one you’d play indoors. Then get down, dirty, and flexible! No boards or materials are needed.

Giant Beer Pong

giant beer pong

Giant beer pong in the backyard is fun for the whole family and friends – just make sure anything the young ones drink is decidedly “virgin” or you’ll have some explaining to do with the neighbors. Rules for giant beer pong are exactly the same as the regular version. This is one of many awesome backyard drinking games!

Water Balloon Dodgeball

water fight

If you’re kids love to tap into their wild side, then water balloon dodgeball might be right up their alley. Fill up 500 water balloons. Split up into teams. Create the court. Then bombs away. Normal dodgeball rules apply.

Glow-In-the-Dark Capture the Flag

Industrial Grade Glowsticks

Capture the flag is the ultimate game for the whole neighborhood to play. Split up into teams and hide your flag. Then it boils down to a game of tag and trying to capture the flag. Up the ante at night by using glow sticks instead of flags.

Food Fight

food fight

I still remember a couple of food fights I had in my backyard as a child. Your kids will never forget their food fights, and it’s beneficial to allow one that won’t end up in the principal’s office. Great food fighting foods include spaghetti, whip cream cakes, mashed potatoes, and Jell-O.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

A great backyard game for all ages, Bocce Ball is always fun. Bocce is a great game for the whole family to play. It takes a lot of skill and focus, but the game is always a good time.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf

If you have a large backyard or your kids are hippies, then disc golf could be the perfect game to get your family in the great outdoors. All you need is some space, a target or three, and some discs.



Another quintessential classic, families and friends have been playing horses in the backyard for centuries. While the game takes skill, it’s the ideal game to match up sober children and boozing adults in an even playing field.