Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that get a good laugh. Our list of the top gag gifts should give you plenty of ideas on what to give that special someone!


#1 On Time Watch

Never be late again with a watch that only displays the time when you want it to. A perfect gift for that one friend or family member that’s always late.

#2 Leaf Solar Flashlight


It’s never dark out with this flashlight in hand. A perfect gift for that eco-conscious friend who always loses his or her car keys at night.

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#3 Poop Emoji Pillow Case

If you want to make your friends feel a little crappy (pun intended), they’ll really appreciate this gift.

#4 Offensive Business Cards

Perfect for the family member of yours with little patience and a short fuse. Customizable to any wording you desire.

#5 Credit Card – Sized Tool Kit

Your favorite tool man never be without a screwdriver again. This mini-toolkit can get the job done – no questions asked!

#6 LED Temperature Faucet Nozzle

Cold water becomes blue and hot water turns red with this fascinating sink attachment. Perfect for the interior decorator in your family.

#7 Star Projector

For the romantics in your family – this projector is a great way to set the mood with star lighting. Kids also enjoy gazing onto their ceilings at night with this bad boy.

#8 Magnetic Smart Putty

Bend, mold, turn, pull, and twist this fascinating putty however your mind desires. A gift perfect for the young and intellectually curious.

#9 Melting Gallium Metal

A melt in your hand metal – this is a great gift for the easily amused. Just don’t expect hours of entertainment from this item.

#10 Sound Activated Car Stickers

Keeping the car bumping while tunes blare – this gift is great for the young and want-to-be-reckless types. Another gift that is good for a few moments of amusement.

#11 Batman Batarang Knife

For comic fans in your family, this knife is sure to bring some excitement to their faces. Yielding two blades – this knife can come in quite handy during certain situations.

#12 Russian Roulette Water Balloon

No family members need to be killed in this game of roulette! A perfect gift for rowdy families looking to add a little excitement to the holidays.

#13 Starry Night Projector

That little one in your family with a love for science would love this projector. Projecting 360 degrees of exciting visuals for kids, and individuals of all ages with an interest in astronomy.

#14 Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Perfect for the photographer you know- this gift is well designed and looks exactly like a camera lens. Plus, your family member or friend will actually be able to drink coffee out of this.

#15 Transformer Flash Drive

Fans of the Transformer will love this flash drive. More than meets the eye – this great gift has four gig of memory and packs a punch.

#16 Spin the Shot Drinking Game

There’s nothing quite like get absolutely wasted on the holidays. So ensure your favorite relative does just that with this exciting game!

#17 Branch & Twig Graphite Pencils

For the tree-hugger guy or gal in your immediate circle of friends give them a gift that’s sure to depress them. These pencils bold, brazen, and cheap.

#18 Death Star Ice Cubs

What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want a Death Star ice cub in his or her glass? An ideal gift for Star Wars fans who love a drink or seven.

#19 Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer


A great gift for the salsa-obsessed family member or friend who has to cover every meal in Sriracha. Perfect for drinking with anything that you would like to wash down with a spicy kick!

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#20 Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Opener

Keeping your Star Wars fans happy has never been easier with this bottle opener. Not only does this mini R2-D2 look great – it’s also highly useful and usable.

#21 Smartphone Bicycle Mounts

The bicyclist in your family will never have to worry about dropping his or her phone while on a ride again. Great for using GPS to get home after a long trek.

#22 Blair’s Mini Death Hot Sauce 4-Pack

Great for guys and gals with a flair for fiery salsas. Sure to destroy tastes buds and fuel a family’s tolerance to pain in teary-eyed holiday eating competitions.

#23 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter

In all seriousness – what guy doesn’t want to be as manly as Bear? So give the special guy in your life a way to feel like “the man” again with this fire starter.

#24 Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

For the office drone in your life who is prone to outbursts at work, this gift is a surefire way to relieve stress. Plus, the punching bag is sure to bring laughs to his or her office.

#25 Silicone Ice Balls

Another ideal gift for the alcoholics in your life – these ice balls keep drinks cool without the need for a million ice cubes throughout the evening.

#26 Tactical Canned Bacon

For the outdoorsy types in your life – this bacon will last up to ten years. A perfect gift for hunters and fishermen in your family who like to be prepared for survival situations.

#27 External Battery Pack

We all have that one family member that is always asking to borrow a charger because they’re always at 8%. So give them the gift of battery life.

#28 Das Boot Beer Glass

Family gatherings will never be the same once the Das Boot Beer Glass is brought out. Perfect for your jolly old uncle with a drinking problem and a beer belly.

#29 Champagne Lollipops

The perfect stocking stuffers for those naughty young adults in the family. These champagne lollipops are sure to add to everyone’s holiday cheer.

#30 Nutella Spreader

We all have that one little brother or cousin who is just a bit on the hefty side. So get him this Nutella spreader and a Costco-sized jar of Nutella to ensure his eyes light up this Christmas.

#31 Mean Dinosaur Sticker

That sadistic uncle that you really don’t want to spend much money on – yeah, we have the perfect gift for him. This car sticker is sure to bring a smile to his face.

#32 Hipster Candle

Has one of your family members or close friends gone hipster? Then mock them with one of the hipster candles as a Christmas gift.

#33 Bacon Toothpaste

Every one of us has a family member of friend with a little too much love for bacon. You used to think there was no such thing as too much love for bacon, but this guy just continually goes overboard.

#34 Sheldon Cooper Notebook

If we are being honest – we all like the Big Bang Theory. So get this notebook for the Shelly fan in your life.

#35 90’s Pop Diva Coloring Book


The perfect gift for your aunt who still dresses like she’s going to aerobics class with Tina Turner. Or your little sister who dresses up like she should be wearing roller blades on Venice Beach and has a little bit too much fun at “festivals” a few times each year.

#36 Sarcastic 8 Ball

We all have that one friend or family member who has to be sarcastic – all the time. So give him or her their favorite gift of all time with the sarcastic 8 ball.

#37 Sloth Calendar

A great gift for animal lovers in your family – the sloth calendar is sure to warm hearts and bring smiles to all.

#38 Stay Trill Socks

For the wannabe gangsters in your life – the Stay Trill socks were created to ensure thug lives live on. Gangsters need warm toes too!

#39 Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

For the heavy drinking, yet crafty ladies in your family – this fruit keg tapping kits is sure to be a hit. Honestly – who doesn’t like fresh strawberry margs in December?

#40 The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

Foodies have taken over the world. If you find one in your family – then this cookbook is a great Christmas present for him or her.

#41 Airhead Snow Tube

Nothing says Christmas like snow. If you’re in a snowy region this Christmas – then these tubes make a great gift for all the young ones in your family.

#42 Selfie Stick

If they don’t already have one then they need one. As long as “they” is one of your teenage girl family members. Grandpa may not approve if you get him a selfie stick.

#43 Avocado Tree Starter Kit (set of 3)

If Granny likes to garden then this kit would make a great gift for. Plus, the makers account for the forgetfulness old age can bring about – she gets three tries to grow one avocado tree.

#44 Great Minds Puzzles

A great gift for a family member or friend looking for an intellectual challenge around every corner. These puzzles can provide minutes or hours of entertainment – all depending on the intelligence of the user.

#45 Flavor Fusion Water Bottle

The health nuts in your life will love this fruit fusion water bottle. This bottle will allow anyone to enjoy fresh water infused by fruits in one simple step.

#46 Knit Text Gloves

Texting in the cold tends to be everyone’s worst enemy. These gloves will ensure every last message from your smart phone addicted loved ones get sent – no matter the temperature.

#47 Laboratory Beaker Mug

We all have a nerdy side – even if you don’t like to show it, some do. So let your family member or friend indulge his or hers with this sci-fi laboratory bleaker.

#48 Gaming Cartridge Flasks

Mixing childhood activities with drinking seems to be the trend, as of late. So combine the two in perfect fashion with a gaming cartridge flask for all your drinking buddies.

#49 Shatterproof Wine Glasses

The holidays can get a little out of hand. Well, at least in my family. So these shatterproof wine glasses make a perfect gift for your family member who struggles to hold his or her spiked eggnog.