Who said pool party fun was just for the young ones?! Adults deserve to have some fun in the sun without the kids on occasion, too. Plus, your author is of the humble opinion that pool parties and games improve with age due to one all-important factor – booze.

Sure, you don’t have to drink during your pool games, but it certainly makes things a little bit more exciting. With this in mind, here are nine exciting pool games that adult can, and should, play:

1. Log Flume Jousting

log jousting pool game

The ultimate in poolside fun – invite that annoying neighbor who always mows his lawn at seven a.m. on a Sunday over for an evening of beating him upside the head in the spirit of sport. The Log Flume Jousting Set is tailor-made for adult pool party fun. One-on-one match ups are sure to bring out the combative nature of all. Combine with a copious amount of alcohol for extra enjoyment.

2. Pool Volleyball

pool volleyball
Nothing beats a good ole’ fashion game of pool volleyball. Just make sure to increase the velocity of your spikes while drinking. Intensity is a major key while playing pool volleyball and drinking. This will ensure someone gets a bloody nose by the end of the evening. A win-win for all involved!

3. Belly Flop Contest

belly flop contest - pool games for adults


There’s not much better than a belly flop contest with friends and family members after a few too many drinks. Just make sure everyone actually comes up from the bottom after they flop in. Choose a bi-partisan panel of judges to ensure fair rulings on splash size.

4. Floating Beer Pong

GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong

Beer pong doesn’t have to be outside the pool. Thanks to floating beer pong tables, you can shoot away while inside the pool. Many a poolside barbecue has lasted late into the evening due to this contraption. Standard beer pong rules apply – you just have to calculate the waves while shooting away.

5. Swimming Flip Cup

pool flip cup

Do not play this game once people start getting drunk. I repeat: do NOT play this game once people start to become intoxicated. As a start to the night, swimming flip cup is a great game to play. Set up a table next to the pool in similar flip cup manner. Split into teams. When the game starts players will dive into the pool and swim down to one end and back. Once back, they’ll down a beer and flip their cup. Then the next players will go. Race to see which teams finishes first.

6. Catch & Splash

Splash Bomb

If you’re looking to keep things basic while hanging next to the pool, then an old school game of catch and splash may be what the doctor ordered. Grab a Splash Bomb and stand on one side of the pool. Your teammate will be on the other side about to jump in. Once they jump in, throw the ball. The goal is to time it, so they catch the ball before they splash in.

7. Noodle Beer Bong Races

Beer Pong Noodle

A personal favorite, beer bong races using the ever-popular Noodle can be a lot of fun poolside. Team up and race to see which team can beer bong the most beers through the pool Noodle in ten minutes flat. This is another game done best at the beginning of the party and on an empty stomach.

8. Chicken Fights

pool chicken fight


The classic pool game for couples and lovers, your adult pool party wouldn’t be complete without a few games of overly competitive chicken fights. You know the drill: women on top of the men’s shoulders battling to stay atop. Great if you have a big pool – just make sure to keep the game near the middle.

9. Water Basketball

Pool Basketball

There’s nothing wrong with betting a few shots on a game or two or H-O-R-S-E in the pool. Playing shooting games instead of trying to play two-on-two often is more fun because moving in the water can be difficult and annoying, especially for women who want to avoid getting their hair wet.