41+ Fun Drinking Games to Play at Parties

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Drinking games aren’t just for college kids. Sure, having some beers when you’re supposed to be studying for anatomy is somewhat of a tradition at our institutes of higher learning, but you don’t have to stop just because you suddenly became educated after graduation.

Drinking games can be fun for all ages. From college kids pre-gaming for their first frat party to homemakers hoping to escape the monotony of everyday adulthood – we all love to drink. And when you add a little competition into the mix, as Americans, we become addicted.

Awesome House Party Drinking Games

It’s hard to beat a good, ole’ fashioned house party. Your friends are there. There are just enough people you don’t know to keep it interesting. You’re having some brews while taking shots. Then somebody suggests playing a drinking game. So you throw out a few options…

Drunk Jenga

drunk jenga

It’s like Jenga only much, much better due to the excessive amounts of alcohol consumed. Everybody plays differently, but if you collapse the tower – you better be finishing your drink!

Never Have I Ever

never have I ever


If you’re at a party with a lot of sober people – Never Have I Ever isn’t exactly a good option. If you are downing drinks with party animals, this game can be extra exciting and ensure everyone is beyond gone by the end of the night.




The quintessential bar drinking game that your parents used to play – quarters has been around forever. All you need is a couple of quarters and a glass. Bounce that bad boy into the brew and pass around some punishment. How to play >>

Beer Pong

beer pong


Ping-Pong balls and Solo cups have never been put to better use. Fill the cups with beer and shot away. The key with this frat classic is to yell, “Kobe!” as loud as possible on every shot. Your opponents will thank you for this. Trust me.

Wizard Staff

wizard staff drinking game


If you’ve ever wanted to be a real-life Harry Potter, then Wizard Staff may just be the drinking game for you. While the rules can get complex, any drinking game that requires duct-taping beer cans together is ‘A-OK’ in my books. How to play >>

Cheers To The Governor

cheers to the governor


A drinking game tailor-made for times when all you have is some booze, friends, and enthusiasm to have a good time. Cheers Governor is a game that revolves around memory and rules – both hard to manage while getting wasted. How to play >>


landmines drinking game


Landmines is an ideal drinking game for nights where time and amount of booze are nearly unlimited. This exciting drinking game is a lot like Monopoly – it starts slow, but once things pick up it’s really exciting. A few quarters, shot glasses, and beers are all you need for this fun game. How to play >>


sloshball game


Kickball with a keg? Count me in. Seriously, how could that not be fun? Kegball is similar to kickball except you have to have a beer in your hand at all times, and cannot set it down – even in the field. How to play >>

Flip Cup

playing flip cup


Another classic drinking game, Flip Cup has almost risen to the level of popularity beer pong has. Red Solo cups come in clutch in this exciting game that has caused more noise ordinances and police calls than any other drinking game – ever! How to play >>

Fun Drinking Games with Cards

Drinking games with cards are nearly as classic as playing Quarters. Plus, they’re easy. Just whip out a deck, grab a case of Natty Light, a few friends, and you’re ready to go for the whole evening. Just be careful – drinking games with cards means a lot of sitting. And drinking a lot while sitting can cause problems walking later in the evening.

Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity


You’ll need more than an ordinary deck of playing cards to play this one. You need the Cards Against Humanity deck. If you love to laugh while you’re drinking, then this game can be tough to top.


horse race drinking game


The perfect drinking game for your friends with gambling problems – Horserace has been a party favorite forever. Lining up the cards in a “horse racing” manner and betting on the aces is an excellent way to get gone. How to play >>

King’s Cup

kings cup


Incredibly popular, King’s Cup is the perfect drinking game for friends with great memories. You’ll be sure to tap into your wild side as the chicks and dicks bust a jive before getting spiritual every time a seven is drawn. How to play >>



A card game that strangely resembles the “Dare” aspect of Truth Or Dare. Drunko is a great game to bust your uptight friends out of their shells. Or they’ll end up blathering drunk making a fool of themselves by the end of the night. A true win-win! How to play >>


asshole drinking game


Nobody wants to be an Asshole – much less THE asshole! So this drinking game can be great fun. Plus, it’s a bit involved and makes the perfect drinking game to start your night with. How to play >>


bullshit card game

My honest friends hate playing Bullshit because they can never sneak anything by me. All you need to place this game is some beer, friends, and a deck of cards. Just make sure you can read your buddy’s poker face or you’ll end up three sheets to the wind after this card game. How to play >>

Circle of Death

circle of death

If you hate your friends, bring some cheap vodka to the party and suggest playing Circle of Death. The game requires drinks to be poured into a large cup in the middle. Then the loser downs the concoction in the middle. So make sure to have a variety of drinks playing to ensure a disgusting mix for last place to taste. How to play >>

Drown the Clown

drown the clown


One of the few games that can rival Flip Cup in terms of noise, Drown the Clown requires you to yell clown constantly at other party goers while continually drinking glass after glass. If you’ve never played this one, I promise you’ll love it. How to play >>

A Few Awesome Outdoor Drinking Games

It’s pretty difficult to improve on an ole’ fashioned BBQ. Good friends, great food, and ice-cold beers are always a winning combination. However, it is possible. Enter some backyard drinking games in the great outdoors. Adding a little combination to your backyard BBQ will make the event an even better party.


beersbee pole game

Beers, Frisbees, and diving catches make for one great drinking game in your backyard. This outdoor drinking relies on reaction time, the ability to throw a Frisbee, and more. Just make sure you have enough space to spread the poles out correctly. How to play >>

Washer Toss

washer toss

An outdoor drinking game classic, the washer toss game has been around since the start of the industrial revolution. Skill matters in Washers and practice makes perfect. Just don’t let Uncle Joe get warmed up while he’s still sober. You’ll be in for a long night ;(

Giant Beer Pong

giant beer pong

Carrying a table outside to set up a game of beer pong can be quite the hassle. That’s why there’s giant beer pong. Just bring these giant buckets and balls to the beach, backyard, or pool – and you’ll have a fun, outdoor version of this classic drinking game. How to play >>

Beer Darts

beer darts

Perfect for all of your drinking buddies you’ve assembled in the great outdoors. All you need is some metal darts and pack of beer. Throw the darts at the cans set on the ground. If a dart punctures a can, the other player has to quickly grab the can and slam the beer until it stops leaking. How to play >>

Lawn Jenga

giant jenga

Everyone loves to drink when Jenga is involved. Lawn Jenga is just a larger, outdoor version of Drunk Jenga. If you collapse the giant tower, you’ll be drinking – a lot! This outdoor game can get loud, so make sure your neighbors don’t mind.


cornhole or bags

With a name like Cornhole, you know it’s going to be a rowdy time. Cornhole doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Yelling and swearing are commonly seen during games, as Cornhole is a skill-based game that many families enjoy competing at.

Dizzy Bat

dizzy bat

Dizzy Bat, also known as Louisville Chugger, is an outdoor drinking game that embodies excitement. An individual chugs a beer out of a whiffle ball bat. The crowd counts how long this takes. Then the person has to put their forehead on the bat and spin around in circles – one circle for every second it took them to drink their beer.


hammerschlagen game


Roughly translated in German to, “to beat with a hammer,” this drinking game involves pounding a nail into a board. Hammerschlagen is a different type of outdoor drinking game, but quite fun nonetheless.

Bubble Soccer

knocker ball bubble soccer

You’ll have to find the right facilities to partake in bubble soccer. Many adults have begun scheduling bubble soccer parties and drinking heavily during them. Sounds dangerous to me, but a lot of fun.

Beer Die

beer die

Throwing dice has never been more fashionable than in this drinking game. Four players sit at a large table and throw dice into large cups of beer while chugging said beer after a make. You won’t be bored playing this game!

Drinking Games for Two People

Sometimes you just need a game you can play with two people. Maybe you and a buddy are just pre-gaming. Maybe you’re playing a drinking game on a date. No matter the situation – a two-person game involving some alcohol can come in handy and can be a lot of fun.

Higher or Lower

higher or lower card game

A simple drinking game revolving around guessing if the next card will be higher or lower. Higher or Lower only requires some drinks, a partner, and a deck of cards. You won’t want to play this one all night, but it’s fun to start the night off with.

Power Hour

power hour


The perfect game for your alcoholic best friend and you to engage in before a big night out. Throw on a YouTube Power Hour playlist, grab a couple of shot glasses, and a bunch of beers. A Power Hour involves drinking one shot of beer every minute for an hour.

Drink or Dare

Truth is unimportant when alcohol is an option. This adult version of the classic Truth or Dare game is an excellent way to start off a night of drinking with your date. You can also substitute truth for dare and play, Truth or Drink.

Shut the Box

shut the box

Shut the Box is a traditional pub game great to play with only two players. Throwing dice, drinking, and gambling are involved in this game. Just be careful – this drinking game has a tendency to become quite competitive.

3-4 Person Drinking Games

Who said you have to be at a party to partake in drinking games? Even if you’re just sitting at home with 3-4 of your friends or family members, you can still get your drinking and competition on.

Drunk Mario Kart

drunk mario kart

Mario cart was awesome as a kid. Heck, it’s still pretty fun as an adult, especially on N64. And combined with alcohol, the game becomes more than just a good time – it becomes a great evening drinking with friends. Drunk Mario Kart is one of my personal favorite drinking games.

Electric Shock Drinking Game

electric shock game

Nothing like upping the ante with a little electrocution while intoxicated. The Electric Shock Drinking Game is a cult favorite amongst the sadistic and involves loser getting electrocuted and then being forced to down beers. Be careful! Many responsible adults have an accident involving bodily fluids and pants when playing this game.

Bar Dice

Shooting dice isn’t just done on the block. You can play bar dice anywhere you want – even the suburbs! All you need is some dice, a dice cup, and the shots of your choice. This is a great drinking game for groups of 3-4.

bar dice


baseball drinking game

An exciting twist on traditional quarters, the drinking game called Baseball will have you swinging for the fences. Line up four shot glasses and assign teams. Then shoot away until you hit a homerun or strike out. Three strikes and three outs apply in this game, too.

Spin the Shot

spin the shot

A game that plays to its name – Spin the Shot involves 3-4 people sitting in a circle around a table. There’s a shot glass on a spinning device placed in the middle of the table. Players take a turn spinning the device. Whoever the hand lands in front of has to drink the shot in the middle. This game will get you drunk FAST!


caps drinking game

Simple, yet spectacular – Caps involves four players split into two teams. Players stand ten feet apart and shoot bottle caps into cups in front of the other team. A shot made equals a drink for the other team.

Epic Drinking Games with Shots (ugh, please no more beer)

If you’re a shots drinker more than a beer fan, you’ll love these drinking games that involve shots. Just be careful! These games have an extraordinary capacity to get the players involved quite inebriated quickly. And with shots – that’s to be expected.


battle shots game

Like the classic board game Battleship, if someone lands a shot on your ship you’ll be drinking – not sinking! This shots drinking game takes some effort to setup, but it’s a heck of a good time to play.


drinko shot game

A clever play on words, Drinko is a drinking game based on the game show classic – Plinko. Instead of landing on prizes, you land on drinks or shots. If you’re anything like me, this is just as good!

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

shot tic tac toe

Remember all those time in middle school where you slide a piece of paper back and forth between your best friend playing tic tac toe as the teacher mumbled on? Now imagine that scenario with shots – much improved! This can be real life with shot glass tic tac toe.

Russian Roulette Shots Drinking Game


If you’re going to flush your money down the toilet while gambling, you might as well get drunk, too. Enter Russian Roulette Shots Drinking Game. This is the perfect game to play with your favorite alcoholic uncle with a gambling problem.

Time to get your party face on!

No matter the situation – there’s a drinking game to add some entertainment or break up the monotony! Use our comprehensive list to ensure a good time is always had by all involved.

Sound off in the comments if you have any drinking game ideas or suggestions. As avid competitors ourselves – we love to hear about new or old fashioned drinking activities we’ve never played before.