5 Easy and Fun Card Games for 2 People

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Tired of social media? Sick of turning on the TV? Smartphone have you going stupid? Have no fear! We have one quick and easy solution that can turn your evening away from your electronics addiction to a fun-filled time.

All you need to have a fantastic time is one high-quality deck of playing cards and at least one more warm body. Maybe your sibling is sitting next to you playing Pokémon Go. You could be with a parent or grandparent and the thought of hearing more about the good ole’ days drives you insane. Or maybe you’re on a date, and you need a way to spice the evening up a little bit.

Here’s five fun and easy card games that you only need two people to play. If boredom rears its ugly head, just whip out a deck and get to dealing.

1. War

War is the perfect game to play while passing the time. This card game is as easy as it gets. Deal out the whole deck evenly between the two of you. Don’t look at the cards! Then flip over one card at a time – at the same time. The highest card wins and that player takes both cards into his or her pile. You play until one person has zero cards or you get too tired to compete any longer. This game is perfect for kids, as it’s incredibly simple.

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2. Gin Rummy

If you’re the type that actually enjoys playing cards, then Gin Rummy is an ideal game to get into. All you need is two players, a deck of cards, and a lot of skill. This game isn’t great for the kids, but parents and grandparents typically love to get down in a game of Gin Rummy. Each player is dealt ten cards with the object of keeping your point value of unmatched cards below ten.

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3. Cribbage

A classic card game, Cribbage is played with a wooden board, 4 pegs, and a deck of cards. It’s a competitive game and race to get your pegs to the final hole on the board by taking turns playing cards to a running total – the idea being to make certain totals of 15 or 31.

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4. Speed

Speed is a classic card game tailor-made for those focused on fast. Also known as spit, this game allows card player to have a stack of 15 cards. Then cards are lined up in the middle of the playing field. You draw five cards from your stack and then flip over the middle cards. You try to run the cards in sequential order. If you play on the field, you take a card from your stack. The goal is to run out of cards first.

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5. Go-Fish

Go-Fish is a perfect game to play with the little ones. Each player gets five cards. Then they ask the other player for a jack or queen, or three. If the player has this card, then they must hand it over. If not, the player tells the asking player to “go fish” and he or she grabs a card from the pile. If a player gets four of the same card, they have a book and lay it down. The game ends when no more books can be made. The winner has the most books or runs.

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