One of the best things about the great outdoors is that you can enjoy many activities outside for free. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in a game set to enjoy games in your backyard or front lawn.

Often, the best lawn games you can create yourself. With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, you can create some pretty awesome DIY lawn games. Come up with your own or try one our favorite nine fantastic lawn game found below:

1. Homemade Bean Bag Toss

cornhole diy

Grab a couple of cardboard boxes, a few markers, some scissors, and markers. Let the kids design their box to throw at. Help them select an area to aim for and if your children are young, make sure you use the scissor to create the opening. Grab a set of bean bags and you’re off to great fun playing with your DIY bean bag toss set.


2. Bottle Ring Toss

diy ring toss

Collect them two-liter bottles. Fill them with water. Let the kids decorate them with paper, markers, and a little glue. Then set them up in a ring and get a lively game of bottle ring toss going. Split up into teams and make things competitive by wagering chores for the losing team.

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3. Football Target Practice

football target practice diy

Grab a large tarp and cut different sized openings throughout the area. Make sure a football can easily pass through. Then reinforce the openings with duct tape to ensure the tarp doesn’t rip. Next, hang the tarp up between two trees or poles. Then grab a couple of footballs and see who has the best arm and aim in the family.


4. Two-Liter Bowling

diy bowling

Remember I told you to keep the two liter bottles? They’re not only ideal for bottle ring tossing, but you can also make your own DIY bowling alley with them. Get ten two litters. Fill them up with water (about 2/3rd full). Grab a basketball or soccer ball. Set the bottles up like pins at the bowling alley and get your roll on – DIY style!


5. Obstacle Course Races

diy obstacle course

If you’re ready to embrace your imagination and creativity, then head out to the garage or basement and grab a few items. Head out to the backyard and set up an exciting, challenging obstacle course. Look for items you can crawl through, climb over, hop over, or run around.


6. Noodle Soccer Skills Challenge

noodle soccer diy

Pool noodles are surprisingly versatile items. You can use them to create awesome obstacle courses in the backyard, especially when you incorporate soccer skills into the game. You can create mini-goals with noodles, along with obstacles to dribble around and more.

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7. Potato Sack Races

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Grab a bunch of potato sacks. Have the young ones decorate them. Then split up into teams and face off until your hearts’ content or the loser are too sore. Combine with a DIY obstacle course for even more fun.


8. Water Balloon Piñatas

water balloon pinata diy

If you have a tree or swing set in the backyard, then a water balloon piñata could be a lot of fun for the little ones. Just fill up a bunch of water balloons and attach them to the swing set or tree. Put the kids in swimsuits and let them swing away. Just keep them separated a bit to avoid faces getting whacked instead of balloons.


9. Arcade Knock the Can

can knock down diy

The most basic of basic DIY lawn games, the arcade knock the can game only requires some used cans and a ball. Set the cans (filled up with a little sand or water and sealed) in a pyramid. Then grab the kids and a couple of baseballs. Mark a line about 10-15 feet behind the pyramid and let everyone throw away trying to knock the cans down.