7 Best Places to Live in Florida


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The Sunshine State offers a lot for locals and visitors alike. It’s known for national attractions like Disney World and the Everglades, but also for great cities ideal for settling down. Looking at factors like unemployment, income, schools, home values, cost of living, weather, and amenities, we were able to find the best places to settle down for the long term. Sure, a vacation is never far away, but when looking for the places to call home these are the cities you want.

Agree with the rankings? Think a different city should have taken the top spot? Or any spot? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

#1 Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, Florida
The top city on our list got there by being low in both crime in unemployment while also offering an easy commute for all those people headed to work. But while the numbers played a role in this ranking, the amenities, including parks, concerts both indoors and out (because the weather is great here), and events like the Renaissance Festival, were the reason it took the top spot.

#2 Coral Springs

Coral Springs, Florida
Just like #1 Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs has high employment rates and low crime. Also like Deerfield Beach, the amenities are fantastic and there are a numbers of great places to eat and drink, as well as local festivals and events to take part in. The only area where Coral Springs slipped to the second spot was the average commute time to work, which is known to add a lot of stress.

#3 Gainesville

Gainesville, Florida
The biggest city on the list ranks high in population density, employment, and amenities. You’ll never want for something to do in the home of the Florida Gators, weather it’s a night on the town or a quiet meal with the family. The weather is also fantastic, staying hot but not too hot in the summer and making the short commute to work (another bonus of the city) even more enjoyable.

#4 Winter Park

Winter Park, Florida
This small city (smallest on our list) is perfect for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re a fan of water or land, Winter Park has fantastic natural attractions. It’s also a great place for art fans, as it is home to one of the nation’s oldest outdoor art festivals. It doesn’t feel so small once you get immersed in the culture and community of Winter Park.

#5 Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach, Florida
With high rankings for both the school system and employment, Pompano Beach is an ideal place for both students and parents to make their way. As it is on the water, there are also plenty of ways to enjoy yourself outdoors. Swimming and boating are popular ways to pass the time, and events like the Holiday Boat Parade and the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival make even better use of the location.

#6 Jupiter

Jupiter, Florida
Jupiter shares a name with the largest planet in the solar system. That is pretty much where the similarities end, unless life millions of miles away is as peaceful as it is in this mid-sized city. The weather is fantastic, with a summer average of 82 degrees, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. Take part in the Jupiter Seafood festival, for example, or hike up to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. As the crime rate is so low, you’ll never feel unsafe.

#7 Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek, Florida
Any place called Coconut Creek sounds like a great place to relax. It is certainly a peaceful place, but it offers a lot more than just easy living. The crime rate is low, as are the taxes, and the unemployment rate as well. If you’re interesting in insects, this is also a great city for you, as Coconut Creek is home to Butterfly World, one of largest such aviary in the country.