Best Escape Rooms in Tampa, Florida

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There’s more to do in Florida then just sun bathing and spending time on the beach (believe it or not). Some days we don’t always want to go outside. Some days, indoor activities can really hit the spot; whether it’s a good movie, or a something as simple as laser tag. One great indoor activity you can do is an escape room and there’s tons of them in Tampa! We’ve gathered together some of the top rooms in the area. Be sure to check them out and report back on what you thought!

Can You Escape?

While vacationing throughout Europe in December 2014, the Collins family was just looking for a fun activity which eventually led them to “Locked UP”, a space-themed escape room. What started as a hobby became a serious business plan. Since opening in May 2015, Can You Escape? has become the highest-rated escape room in Tampa Bay and has welcomed more than 35,000 visitors.

The Great Escape Room Tampa

A cross between a scavenger hunt and a puzzle game, players must work together in order to find clues and solve puzzles that will eventually lead them to their escape. Although only 20% of the teams are able to succesfuly complete the challenges and escape the room in time in, 100% of the players are guaranteed to experience an hour of fun in The Great Escape Room. Players much channel their inner Sherlock as they navigate through one the rooms.

Tampa Bay Escape Room

The first escape room in the city, Tampa Bay Escape Room is a real life adventure game with only one goal: Escape the Room in 60 minutes. A team of two to eight players must team up to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape the room before time runs out. It offers three different rooms that vary in levels of difficulty: Music Producer, Kidnapped and Cabin in the Woods.

Escape Countdown

Located one the south side of West Kennedy, Escape Countdown Tampa is a fully immersive entertainment experience. Each room has a unique theme wherein players must make observations, solve puzzles and use critical thinking skills to escape the room within 60 minutes. Aside from four adrenaline packed games, Escape from Gaspar Island, Mad Hatter, Dr. Lectrix Lab and Jail Break, it also offers a romantic game just for two, An Evening in Paris.

Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Opened on the first of October 2015, Rabbit Hole Escape Games is a new type of adventure that crosses online gaming with reality into an immersive interactive live puzzle. It’s a perfect venue for families and friends who want to experience a different kind of fun, and co-workers and team mates who want to have an extra ordinary team building activity. Kids can now join in the fun with their kiddie themed room, Polly’s Peculiar PetStore.

The Room Tampa

One of the most popular attractions in Tampa, The Room is a live, interactive mystery escape room challenge. Like entering a movie or a video game, each member of the team becomes a main character and everyone must put their heads together in finding hidden objects, deciphering codes, solving puzzles, opening locks and gathering clues. Many have tried but only a few have escaped and have been awarded the title of “Keymaster.”

Escape Thrill

Just a half hour drive from Tampa, Escape Thrill is a live action escape game found in Clearwater, Florida. It offers five exciting rooms where players team up to discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to escape the room. Players can choose from a wide range of missions: find a rare blue diamond called the Star of Infinity, apprehend a murderer named Crooked Nose Jack, unlock a toy room, escape a serial killer named Herbert Ventor or undergo a series of tests by an elite intelligence agency.

Beach Escape Game

An interactive and exciting group adventure, the Beach Escape is found directly on St. Pete Beach in sunny Florida. Each of the themed rooms has been designed to create real-life and thrilling adventures for small groups whether friends, family members or co-workers. It offers four unique rooms: The Honky Tonk, Lost Treasure, Where in the World? and their newest offering, Caged.