The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Orlando, FL


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Are you ready to have some fun! Are you ready for a great challenge? Orlando escape rooms offer some of the best mental games in the state. Count down against the clock and work together with your teammates in order to escape! But be weary, it’s not as easy as it seams. Just like a regular puzzle, escape rooms vary in difficulty. Pick your room difficulty according to how smart you think you are haha!


Founded in December 2014, Escapology is the first and finest live escape game experience in Orlando. Located in a prime spot on International Drive, it has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor in 2016. It currently offers 7 fun and exciting rooms: Cuban Crisis, Arizona Shootout, Antidote, Budapest Express, Lost City, TH3 C0D3 and Shanghaied.

American Escape Rooms

Next to the University of Central Florida, American Escape Rooms is a new, exciting, fun and entertaining live escape room game in the city of Orlando. It offers a unique gaming experience for groups of two to 24 people. Players must find a way to escape one of its mysterious and thrilling rooms such as Zombie Apocalypse, Cold War Crisis, Mad Professor’s Asylum and Mind-Boggling.

The Escape Game Orlando

The first of its kind in the South, Escape Game is a fun, new entertainment concept in Orlando. Designed for small groups of two to eight people, players must find clues, solve puzzles and work as a team to escape the room in under 60 minutes. Whether looking for gold in “Gold Rush”, recover a stolen famous artwork in “The Heist”, find a way to escape in “Prison Break” or stop a major international terrorist threat in “Classifiied”, players will surely have a fun and unforgettable experience.

America’s Escape Game

Found in the heart of International Drive in Central Florida, America’s Escape is taking the escape room attraction to another level. With its thematically captivating rooms, it is perfect for corporate events, casual or hardcore gamers, and families and friends who want to have a fun time. America’s Escape has been the corporate and team building of choice of some major companies like Disney, Hilton Grand Vacations, Universal Parks and Resorts, Pepsi and Fedex, to name a few.

MindQuest Live Orlando

Open 7 days a week, MindQuest is a real life escape game that offers extremely challenging situations but intensely fun. The goal is simple: a team of two to six people must team up to escape the room in 60 minutes by solving a mountain of puzzles and mind teasers. It currently features five exciting games of varied difficulty: The Bomb, Diamond Heist, Cyber Crash, Mad Scientist and The Haunting.

The Great Escape Room Orlando

Rated as the Best Escape Room in Orlando by Orlando Weekly in 2015, the Great Escape Room is a live room escape game based on popular computer and mobile phone escape games. Located in downtown Orlando, it is a hybrid of a scavenger hunt and a puzzle game where teams must work together to look for clues and solve puzzles to escape in time. Only 20% of groups are able to successfully complete the challenges and find their way out.

Escape Key

First opened in Vancouver in 2014, Escape Key has expanded to other cities such as Gainesville, Baltimore, Tallahassee and Orlando. What’s unique about Escape Key is its puzzles focus on technology, integrating new and unique locking mechanisms that are not available in the public. The puzzles have been carefully designed and selected by the creator and players of the Tim Tang Test, a popular 250 level online puzzle game launched in 2007, with over four million visitors to date.

It’s A Trap!

In It’s A Trap, players will feel like they’re walking in a storybook adventure with its detailed set design, lighting, music and sound effects. The team is taken to another world and must collaborate to look for clues, solve riddles and find a way to escape. Players will be accompanied by a fully costumed character who can give hints at desperate times or reveal hidden story elements.

The Great Escape Lakeside Retreat

Unlike other popular escape rooms in the market, the Great Escape Lakeside Retreat is the first residential escape room game just outside of Orlando. It features two CLUE themed bedrooms and the adjoining CLUEless bathroom that form an escape room game. To play the game, guests must lock themselves in the Clue rooms and have 60 minutes to find and solve the puzzles.

Escape Room Entertainment

Located in Lake Buena Vista, Escape Room Entertainment offers different exciting games that takes players to a whole new world. It is the perfect team building experience as members must communicate with each other and work together to complete the tasks and find their way to escape. Whether escaping a haunted pirate ship on the high seas, solving a murder in a small suburban town or discovering an ancient ruin of a lost civilization, everyone is guaranted to have an exciting and fun time.