7 Best Places to Live in Colorado


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Known for the towering Rocky Mountains, Colorado actually boasts a diverse landscape defined also by river gorges and sizzling dessert. The unique state offers a lot for those interested in the outdoors, and has attracted hikers, bikers, and whitewater rafters from all across the world. But the state has much more to offer than just natural wonders, and the cultural attractions, safe streets, and good jobs and education, are important as well. For the best places to lay your head after a day outside or in, you can’t do any better than these 7 cities. From the highest peaks to lowest summits, these are the best places to call home in Colorado.

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#1 Loveland

Loveland, Colorado
Loveland’s name pretty much says it all. There are plenty of reasons to love our #1 city, including low unemployment rates, but the most pleasant one might be the beautiful weather. It’s hard to get stressed out when the air is clean, the sky is clear and sun is shining at a lovely average summer temperature of 74 degrees. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy while sitting outside, boosting the amenities score. Median incomes are high as well, as did home values, making this city a clear pick for best city.

#2 Superior

Superior, Colorado
Superior has a few things in common with #1 Loveland. The air is clean, as are the streets, and the weather is cool and pleasant. The unemployment rate is also low, and home values are incredibly high. The two cities almost seem like twins. Superior is a little smaller, however, and a much more expensive place to live. Still, you certainly get what you pay for.

#3 Lakewood

Lakewood, Colorado
A larger city, Lakewood has plenty to do and see. And, while you’re enjoying the amenities, you can enjoy similar weather to the previous two entries with an average summer temperature of, again, 74 degrees. Though the population is higher, Lakewood’s school system is one of the best as well and there is a lot of support for students. Add a low unemployment rate and you have a pretty solid pick at #3.

#4 Boulder

Boulder, Colorado
Unemployment is second-lowest in the state, and crime stays low as well. These factors make it a great place to raise a family, clearly, but you won’t have to resign yourself to your home if you choose to settle down here. For being a smaller city (under 20,000 people) there is plenty to do and places to go in the charming city center. The weather is also great, which seems to be trend in our top five.

#5 Erie

Erie, Colorado
Boulder is known across the country as a relaxed, pleasant place to call home. The mid-sized city is surrounded by amazing outdoor amenities, including the Flatiron Mountains and Boulder Creek just nearby. This might be the reason that the city is also known as one of the most physically fit. Added bonuses include low unemployment, high median home prices and, you guessed it, pleasant weather with an average summer temperature of (drum roll please) 74 degrees.

#6 Evans

Evans, Colorado
Crime rates are lowest in Colorado, is reason enough for Erie to to be mentioned on this list. But that’s not the only benefit of living here. Unemployment is also low, at just over 4%, and household income is high. When people aren’t at work they’re enjoying the thriving arts scene. Few Denver suburbs, especially those this small, offer as much as Erie does.

#7 Evans

Evans, Colorado
The tiny city of Evans finishes up our list by offering great schools, peaceful streets, low sales tax rates, and incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. Okay, so you can get that last one in a lot of cities around Colorado, but it’s still an added perk to a city that already offers many reasons to settle there. There are also plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in and around the city, so get your bike and hiking boots ready.