The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Denver


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In the winter, it’s a ski and snowboarding haven! In the summer, it’s a great tourist attraction with some of the best scenery the United States has! Nonetheless, escape rooms are a great activity to do year round and Denver, Colorado has a lot of them! Here’s some of the best in the area!


Ranked number 1 in fun and games by TripAdvisor, Puzzah! has also been featured on TV and radio as well as numerous online publications like USA Today, Denver Post and Westword. One of the most popular escape games in the city, Puzzah! combines game play and technology to create themed rooms that offer immersive and one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It currently offers four exciting games: I.R.I.S., Kazam!, Tick Tock and The Steal.

Room 5280

Located in Downtown Denver, Room 5280 is a fun, interactive entertainment concept perfect for company team buildings or friends and families who want to experience a different kind of enjoyment in town. There’s no need to have any special knowledge or skills to play the rooms, just the ability to work together and think outside of the box. Room 5280 offers two themed rooms, The Dark Room and The Experiment, and a third room coming soon, Weird Heritage.

Epic Escape Game Denver

Just minutes away from downtown Denver, Epic Escape Game is located in a historic mansion on Gilpin Street. The rules are pretty simple: players are locked in a room where they must team up to find clues, solve the puzzles and ultimately escape the room before 60 minutes is up. The team can choose one out of five unique rooms that varies in theme and level of difficulty.

Great Room Escape Denver

Great Room Escape’s mission is “to provide the next generation of entertainment”. Here customers are fully immersed in the experience and are part of the entertainment rather than mere spectators passively watching the show. It’s Denver location offers two exciting themes where players must escape from a serial killer or find their way out before getting eaten by a hungry zombie.

EscapeWorks Denver

One of the newest to join the escape room craze that is sweeping the nation, EscapeWorks Denver is the brainchild of John Williams and Eric Hill. Found in the heart of downtown Denver, it first opened its doors on April of 2016. Since then it has continued to grow and will soon be adding two more rooms in its growing list of themed rooms: Egyptian Tomb, The Big Game, Casino Heist, Beyond the Flower Shop and Outbreak.

Sprightly Escapes

What sets Sprightly Escapes apart from other escape rooms in the city is its focus on four key factors: personal touch, themed experience, puzzle design and variety, and love of the game. The ultimate escape room in Denver, players are faced in real life puzzle challenges where they must combine their efforts in looking for clues, solving the puzzles and finally escaping the room. Whether trapped in an old motel or travelling back in time, players are guaranteed an hour of unadulterated fun.

King’s Escape Room Denver

The most unique escape room experience in the city, King’s Escape Room’s mission is “to provide entertaining and challenging Escape Rooms to the greater Denver area” by providing the best overall experience from beginning to end. In it’s first room, “Return of the Room”, players must find their way into a castle and claim their birthright as heir to the throne. Two more rooms, “Rock n Roll” and “Curse of the Billy Goat” will be opening soon.

Denver Escape Room

After traveling to New York and trying an escape room in 2014, Denver Escape Room’s founder, Brian Lacertosa, saw the potential in bringing this new gaming experience to Colorado. He continued to try other numerous escape rooms all over the country and eventually started the Denver Escape Room with Tim Maxwell. Since then it has been a huge success and was even awarded the Rookie Business of the Year and People’s Choice Award from the city of Northglenn on October 2015.

The Clue Room

The first live escape room in Colorado, Clue Room offers seven originally designed games: Nautilus, Alice’s Whimsical Wonderland, Kinoko, Spy Ops, Spy Chamber 1, Spy Chamber 2 and 1893. Designed for two to ten players, the rooms have different themes and degrees of difficulty. Clue Room has been featured in Good Day Colorado and Denver’s 7 Channel News.

Colorado Escape

Colorado Escape is the newest escape gaming adventure in the city. Its designers have years of experience in setting up Haunted Houses in Colorado. It currently offers four fun filled rooms: Temple of Doom, Prison Break, Space Ship and Black Out, a game where two teams (Red and Blue) must compete against each other in finding a cure for a deadly virus, blacking out the opposing team and saving the world from an impending doom.