7 Best Burger Places in Colorado


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Looking for some of the best burger places to try in Colorado? Look no further because Fundreds has created this list of 7 of the top picks in the state. It might be time for lunch!

Cherry Cricket Restaurant

Cherry Cricket has been known for years (and years) as one of the best places in Denver for a burger and a beer. Colorado has always been at the forefront of the craft beer movement, so if you like something a little more interesting than a macrobrew to wash down that awesome Bison Burger or famous Cricket Burger, this is definitely the place for you. Known for its rough and tumble history, this is a popular spot you won’t want to miss.

Park Burger

This beloved Denver chain has recieved accolades and awards aplenty for their burgers. It still remains one of the most relaxing places to grab a bite and a beer. No matter which location you find yourself at, the easygoing vibe, great service, and, of course, fantastic burgers (especially the Scarpone, and a surprsingly awesome veggie burger) make it a winner every time.

Highland Tap & Burger

With the fun and lively atmosphere that should accompany a great burger, Highland Tap has kept patrons coming back for more and more since its inception in 2010. Located in the popular LoHi neighborhood just outside of downtown, and with patio that really let’s you enjoy the clean air and blue skies while you chow down, the atmosphere is almost as great as the burgers themselves. But really, it’s about the food, and the unique selection of burgers will leave you more than satisfied.

Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs

Big Al’s is the kind of place locals can be proud of. Whether it’s the repurposed materials decorating the interior, the hormone-free, locally-sourced beef used for their awesome burgers, or the fries covered with the perfect amount of seasoning, it has earned its place as a Fort Collins institution. They also support the community in other ways, creating a “Big Change Jar” to take that little extra you want to give (in lieu of a tip) and donating it to various causes.

TAG Burger Bar

Named after the owner’s bulldog, TAG believes that eating is about more than just getting full. It should also be fun. Using a three step process where you choose your patty, your bun, and your “style,” which includes some truly unique toppings, you’re sure to get the exact burger you’re looking for. With an excellent happy hour and a tap list focusing on local brews, TAG just might be the perfect place for burger and beer enthusiasts.

Crave Real Burgers

Another Colorado chain that knows just what locals want, the burgers here overflow with toppings like poblano peppers, breaded pork, avocado, raspberry bbq sauce, and dozens more. But if you’re just looking for a no frills, straight up burger, have no fear: it’s all about the patty here. Cooked to perfection every time, Crave knows that it’s the certified Colorado Proud beef that makes the burger.


With an understanding that a great burger doesn’t always have to be beef, Larkburger stands out with its incredible selection of chicken, turkey, ahi tuna, and veggie selections. But of course, cows are well-represented as well. The truffle burger, with a black Angus patty and a housemade truffle aoili, is a true standout. This is a great place to take groups unsure of what they’re in the mood for, as Larkburger is sure to have a little something for everyone.