10 Best Escape Rooms in San Diego, CA


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If there’s one place that has a ton of escape rooms, it’s San Diego (actually California in general). The mild weather and high population(s) make it a location to open up an escape room which is why there’s so many of them. So which ones are the good ones? Which ones are the bad? We’ve done the grunt work and research for you and have gathered together a list of the best ones in the area. We hope you have a great time!


Found in downtown San Diego, the Puzzalarium is an escape room, challenge course and puzzle room all rolled into one. Unlike other traditional escape rooms, Puzzalarium offers a new kind of experience called “Immersion”, complete environments that are created from the ground up to elicit a specific emotion or set of emotions. As of writing, it only offers one immersion, The Study, but there are plans off adding more in the near future.

The Entrapment

One of the premier escape rooms in the city, The Entrapment takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. With over 20 years of puzzling experience under their belt, its creators have built puzzles using the latest technology, created immersive story lines and Hollywoord style sets and environments. It is really like being dropped in the middle of a suspense thriller where players must race against the clock to find the way out.

Enigma HQ Escape Room

Unlike traditional escape rooms, Enigma HQ takes the whole gaming experience to another level. It offers cinematic story-driven escape games that combines story-based puzzles, cinematic video and effects with immersive physical environments. Located on the border of Little Italy and Downtown, Enigma HQ has been voted as the #1 Escape Room and #2 for Fun and Games in San Diego according to Tripadvisor.

Quicksand Escape Games

San Diego’s favorite escape room, Quicksand Escape Games offers unique themes and detailed designs that create an unforgettable experience for everyone. It is perfect for familes and friends who want to create memories, co-workers and teammates who want to have a fun team building, and tourists and travelers who want to experience something new. This Pacific Beach based escape room offers two exciting games: The Speakeasy and The Diner.

Escapology San Diego

Located on Mission Boulevard, Escapology is San Diego’s newest premium real life escape game experience. A team of up to six players must work together to find clues, solve puzzles and find a way to escape. It offers exciting games that take players around the world and through time: Antidote (Nevada Desert), Budapest Express (Central Europe) and TH3 C0D3 (Cambridge, Massachusetts).

House of Hints

House of Hints has been voted as one of the Top Ten Escape Games in America byUSA Today and winner of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2016. It offers a variety of riddles and tasks that are perfect for those who likes solving riddles and puzzles, playing with gadgets or just want to spend an hour of fun with friends, family members or co-workers. It has three challenging rooms and three more to come.

Divergent Realities

More than an escape game, Divergent Realities is an adventure based game where players become recruits on a 60 minute mission. As Divergent Realities Investigative Field Team (DRIFT) Agents, players must use their intelligence, creativity and ability to cooperate in cracking unsolved cases. If the team succeeds in their mission, they will earn their place within the Divergent Realities Investigative Field Team (DRIFT) Division and will get the chance to be invited to exclusive challenges and special events.

Escape Game SD

A real life code-cracking adventure game, Escape Game SD is perfect for everyone, whether friends and families who want to experience something new, co-workers who want to improve team dynamics, tourists who want to do something out of the ordinary, and nerds and gamers who want to know what it’s like to be in an actual game. Players can choose either the Japanese Thriller Room or the Superheroes Adventure. A third game about wizards and magic is coming up very soon.

Escapism Puzzle Room

Escapism Puzzle Room’s mission is “to be the destination for thrilling and memorable group experience in Southern California.” Its escape rooms fully support this vision by offering missions that are designed for team buildings and group interactions that are 100% fun. Located in the heart of Hillcrest, it is just steps away from local bars, restaurants and breweries.

The Great Room Escape San Diego

One of the favorite escape rooms in San Diego, The Great Escape Room is a fully interactive and immersive gaming experience. A team of players of at least 10 to 12 people must work together to find the clues and solve the puzzles until they figure out a way to make their “great escape”. Whether playing Houdini or The Lab or Forbidden Aztec Temple, players are guaranteed to have a fun filled experience and memories to last for a long time.