Best Escape Rooms in Lancaster, CA

Best Escape Rooms in Lancaster

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The escape room virus is spreading! It’s said to have first popped up in Japan, and China and it has since then spread to the United States. Even Lancaster, California – BEWARE! Symptoms include: intense fun, adrenalin, laughter, and critical thinking! Below, we’ve included top locations to where Escape Rooms can be found in Lancaster. Don’t have to much fun!

Twisted Exit

After visiting several themed rooms throughout Southern California, a group of four friends decided to open Twisted Exit. The first live escape room in Antelope Valley, they opened their first two rooms in 2016, a pirate themed room and a murder mystery game. At present, they offer three distinct themed rooms, Voices, The Black Rose and Red Eye, and have plans of adding a second location with more games and themes soon.

Arcane Escape Rooms

Less than an hour drive southwest of Lancaster, Arcane Escape rooms is a high-quality escape room experience located in Santa Clarita. Like characters in a story, players are locked in a themed room and must work together to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. Whether playing The Agency or The Hideout, players are sure to have an exciting time.

Escape Theater Lancaster

Located on West Lancaster Boulevard, Escape Theater is one of the newest real life adventure games in the city. Using elements in the room, players must look for clues, solve a series of puzzles and find the key to escape “The Asylum” before time runs out.

Exit Game

A premiere escape room experience in Southern California, Exit Game can be found in Monterey Park. It features four uniquely themed rooms that vary in difficulty and win rate. The easiest room, The A.I. has a win rate of 50%, while the most difficult one, The Villains Lair, has only 23%.

Mobile Escape Room LA

Launched in 2015, Mobile Escape Room is a real life adventure game like no other. Instead of playing the game in a building like traditional escape rooms, participants get a chance to play inside a 24 foot long, 8 foot wide trailer. No need to worry about travelling to get to the party because Mobile Escape Room will literally bring the party to your group.

Hollywood Escape House

Open seven days a week, Hollywood Escape House is a real life escape game found in North Hollywood, less than an hour drive south of Lancaster. A team of up to seven players are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and find the secret items hidden in the room. At present it only offers one room, The Royal Indian Dungeon, but another one, The Mystery China, will be available soon.

The Bunker Experience

Set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, The Bunker Experience is a real life escape game located in Pasadena. A suspense-filled mission complete with a maze, a group of up to 12 players are transferred in an alternate reality wherein they must rely on each other to successfully solve all puzzles and complete the mission. A truly top notch experience, it is perfect for family and friends who want to have an unforgettable time, or co-workers and team mates who want to have a different kind of team building experience.

The Great Redemption Escape Room

Based on the classic “Room Escape Game”, The Great Redemption Escape Room is a fun entertainment attraction in Van Nuys, California. In the current game, “The Great Redemption”, the group is framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Playing as the main characters in the game, the group must work together in finding clues, solving puzzles and finding a way to earn their freedom and escape the room.

The 13th Room

Opened in September 2015, The 13th Room is a popular escape game experience found in the heart of downtown Pomona. More creepy than scary, players are transported to another world and another time. Aside from its escape rooms, it also features “The Ripper” game, a two hour experience that begins with a private dinner at the Metro Ale House followed by an unforgettable journey.